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Bonus: Dreaming of Emancipation

Season 1

This bonus episode accompanies our first episode, How could Lincoln sleep if slavery was happening?

Our journey answering these questions has led to conversations, discoveries, and stories of all kinds, not all of which fit directly within the question we’re answering. But they’re so interesting that we didn’t want to keep them to ourselves. During our interview with Jon White, he told us a fascinating story about a Civil War soldier’s dream that illustrates the impact of the Emancipation Proclamation on the subconscious of everyday people.

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  • 1. Does anybody know what Lincoln's next big idea was?

    For this episode, we're talking about a question we got from a supporter of the Cottage who was thinking about what Lincoln would have done with more time. On the way we talk about what political candidates need to do to connect with voters, how historians approach uncertainty, and how to know if your idea is a good one in the first place. Come along with us!Guests: Dan BarkerShannon Janean CurrieKate
  • Bonus: The Derringer

    This bonus episode accompanies episode 5.3, "Why would Maryland do that?"Terry Alford told us more about Booth’s weapon, and Alex Wood encouraged us to think deeper about place(s) of
  • 3. Why would Maryland do that?

    For this episode, we're talking about a question we got from a student trying to understand the reasons behind Lincoln’s assassination. Along the way we’ll encounter a troubling relationship to cats, one of history’s most dramatic moments, and resources to stop radicalization in the present. Come along with us!Guests:Terry AlfordAlex WoodBrian Hugheswww.lincolncottage.org
  • Bonus: Celebrations and Response Times

    This bonus episode accompanies episode 5.2, "How fast did emancipation happen?"Greg Downs recounted other emancipation celebrations you may not have heard of, and General Blanchard ran us through how the National Guard's timeline for deployment works.
  • 2. How fast did emancipation happen?

    For this episode, we're talking about a question we got from a British couple curious about the aftermath of the Emancipation Proclamation. Along the way we wander through several alternate timelines, the experience of Black soldiers, and the contemporary work of the National Guard. Come along with us!Guests:Holly Pinheiro Jr.Gregory DownsBG Leland
  • Bonus: 19th Century Queer

    This bonus episode accompanies episode 5.1, "Was Lincoln gay?"Hugh Ryan shared an additional story of queer life in the 19th century, and Callie had a scenario she wanted to run by him to help understand how people in Springfield may have seen Lincoln and Speed.
  • 1. Was Lincoln gay?

    For this episode, we're answering a question we've gotten from young people curious about Lincoln's relationships. Along the way we talk about gossipy Springfield, Illinois in the 1840s, Lincoln's close friend Joshua Speed, the invention of the term "straight," and how museums can tell queer stories. Come along with us!Guests:Charles StrozierMargaret MiddletonHugh
  • Bonus: Resonance Then and Now

    This bonus episode accompanies episode 4.3, "Did Lincoln ever play basketball?"Curtis Harris told us a little more about how the aftermath of the Civil War affected the ideologies behind the invention of basketball, and Len Elmore spoke to us about how he tries to share the long arc of history with his students.
  • 3. Did Lincoln ever play basketball?

    For this episode, we're answering a question from a young person impressed by Lincoln's height. Along the way we talk about the peach basket story, Lincoln's wrestling bouts, whether he would've been able to keep up in the NBA, and the intersection of sports and activism. Come along with us!Guests:Curtis HarrisTamika DudleyLen ElmoreLee Roy