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Paldea's Treasure Hunt! | PUCL 556

There once were two Dragons named Korai D. On and Mirai D. On...

This week Thatch is back, and joined by Shamu and Mark to discuss everything from the latest trailer from the region name to Terastallization.

And Wooper. Imagine forgetting Wooper, that would be a very failed Wooper Watch.

Mailbag: What parts or Scarlet and Violet are you most excited to experience as of right now? puclpodcast@gmail.com

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Intro: 0:00:00

News: 0:10:56

Quiz: 0:23:08

Topic: 0:34:56

Poke of the Episode: 1:11:55

Mailbag: 1:21:48

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(There were also was a timeline where the title was Poké Battles on Motorcycles, but that can wait until Speed Trainers are revealed at Worlds. There were also considerations for something with Moon Prism Power/Magical Girl Pikachu but it never left concepting)

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