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From Mingling with the Stars to Founding a Property Business with Ludwina Dautovic

Season 8, Ep. 816

Ludwina Dautovic is the founder of The Room Xchange. She has pursued multiple career paths including working in nightclubs, TV production, podcasting and founding numerous businesses. Recently, she has taken on a business with a focus of solving Australia’s housing crisis.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore the incredible twists and turns of her storied life, taking her from country NSW to New York City. Plus, how she’s managed to be her own boss for nearly thirty years! 

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  • 835. Long-Term Strategy With Clare Monkley

    Meet Clare Monkley a successful property investor with her own mortgage broker business called 'Love Finance', who spends her time maintaining the properties currently in her portfolio and assisting owner occupiers and investors to purchase property. Having grown up on a farm without running water as one of eleven children, Clare Monkley never imagined she, a country girl, would go onto attain such a high level of professional success. First starting off her career in a field entirely different to property investment as a hairdresser for several years after leaving school as well as various other jobs, she eventually found herself working for a mortgage broker. This was her entry into the world of property and kickstarted her career in property investment.In this episode of Property Investory, learn about her long-term strategy when it comes to investing in property, the importance of looking a little deeper into contracts and how she bounced back from one of her worst investing moments when a joint venture proved unsuccessful. We will also delve into why Clare Monkley believes education is the key to success and the various properties she has bought over the course of her journey. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button and let's get started!
  • 834. The Need for Housing Sustainability with Dr Dionne Payn

    Dr Dionne Payn is the CEO and founder of High Impact Property Investments. Originally from the UK, she moved to Australia when she was 25 years old to take up an opportunity that aligned with her value of sustainability. She now focuses her passion of sustainability towards property development and wrote the successful book ‘Ethical Property Investing’.In this episode, Dr. Payn will share the stories of how she went from partying in university, to her getting a PHD in sugarcane chemistry. As well as this, learn about how she got involved in property development and her passion behind sustainability!
  • 833. David Glover - Adding Huge Value To Properties

    In this episode of Property Investory, we'll be chatting to David Glover. He's a successful property investor and owner of Bluegum Property, a buyer's agency. David Glover grew up on a small farm in Central New South Wales and studied Engineering at university, which led to him working for BHP Engineering, one of the most eminent engineering companies in Australia. At BHP, he learned how to manage projects and systems, which served him well when he went into property.Learn about David Glover's first property, which he bought with his wife Sharna when he was 21-years-old and they were both at university, and how, upon returning from an overseas trip, he bought his first farm, a 65 acre property in the vineyards at Hunter Valley. Join us as we delve into his unpleasant experience when renovating his first property, how he added value to his property at Hunter Valley. We'll also be learning about his advice when it comes to cosmetic renovations and what he learnt during a trip to America, where he met a property investor who was buying a hundred properties a month. So what are you waiting for? Click play, and let's get started!
  • 832. Managing Wealth With The Value of Real-life Experiences - Chris Bates

    Chris Bates is the founder of mortgage brokerage, Wealthful. Originally from Melbourne, Bates has lived what he describes as a ‘nomad’ life. At a young age, he and his family moved to Newcastle for a job opportunity. From there, he attended university in Sydney but after deciding that further study was not for him, he picked up his life and went to London before eventually settling again in Australia.In this episode, Bates will share the travelling stories that shaped his worldview, including exploring the beauty of countries such as India and Egypt. As well as this, learn how to find success without a university degree, and a common investing mistake involving supply and demand issues.
  • 831. Commercial Property Success After 14 Residential Properties with Brian McNicol

    Meet Brian McNicol, the successful commercial property investor and CEO of buyer's agency Commercial property, who made the transition into commercial property after having 14 residential properties under his belt. These days he specialises in finding commercial property for buyers with most of his clients focused on retail office accommodation and some on industrial, helping them to purchase those properties with recession-proof tenancy or a high net return. Born and bred in Brisbane, Brian McNicol studied Commerce at university and held a variety of roles, from accounting to clerical positions, before he made the jump into property, when a six-week role with the Queensland government resulted in close to nineteen years at the job that eventually led him to the role of property consultant.Learn more about the residential properties he managed to accumulate through renovation and splitting, the lessons he learned along the way, what inspired him to go into property in the first place. Also, we will be delving into the moment he realised he could turn negative gearing into positive cash flow and why doctors and solicitors make good long-term tenants. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button to get started!
  • 830. Ashish Malhotra - How to Use House Prices to Propel Your Portfolio to $3.5M

    Ashish Malhotra is a buyer’s agent who arrived in Australia from India less than a decade ago. After landing here at the tail end of 2014, he bought his first Australian property sight unseen— and once his sights were set, he never looked back. With each investment performing better than the last, it’s safe to say Australia really is the lucky country.In this episode Malhotra shares stories of growing up in his clean and green city near the Pakistan border, where his childhood was never boring. He delves into how he became an entrepreneur without even realising it— and how despite some embarrassments along the way, he learnt a lot of lessons on his metaphorical and physical journeys.
  • 829. Andrew David Courtney - Playing The Game of Life: Do it Right With Property

    On this episode of Property Investory we speak with Andrew David Courtney, founder of Plenitude Wealth. Coming from a place of poverty, Courtney knew he wanted a different life for his family. After studying a Masters of Commerce, he discovered that even his peers had a huge missing piece in their financial knowledge: property. Filling this gap as a mortgage broker, buyers agent and licenced financial advisor, all in one, Courtney now is equipped to help everyone get finance fit ! But his story isn’t quite that simple. His journey spans countries and takes us from the basketball court to the boadroom, from tents to terminals. All in the name of financial freedom.
  • 828. Discover Zach Hristo’s Advice to Investing at Just 21!

    We’re back with Zach Hristo, the 27-year-old South-Australian investor boasting an impressive portfolio of $3.7M. 4 strong properties to his name, and a 3-year plan to double his net worth, Hristo is a man on a mission. Dominating the Adelaide marketplace, he inspires fellow listeners in their 20s (and older!) to save correctly, complete subdivisions and slowly transform one success to four. Plus, he reveals some of his biggest challenges, sharing an anecdote about tenants that ran out on a property!
  • 827. A $3.7M Net Worth at 27? Here’s How Zach Hristo Did It.

    From an avid podcast-listener to the star of his very own episode, Zach Hristo is a South-Australia based investor who has made an impressive $3.7M by the age of 27. Buying his first property at only 21, Hristo has been on a mission ever since. Sharing invaluable advice on building strong saving habits to selecting strong investment properties with his secret criteria, Hristo’s advice is the perfect breath of fresh air for our young listeners. And, he reveals his own love for property investment podcasts, sharing the importance of selecting real role models in a social media landscape, criticising ‘successful’, motivational speakers hiding behind smokes and mirrors.