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Education with Peter Mandler

Season 2, Ep. 31

Peter Mandler, Professor of Modern Cultural History at Cambridge, talks education policy with Progressive Britain History Project hosts, Laura Beers and Steven Fielding.

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  • 35. The modern politics of Britain's imperial history

    Hosts, Laura Beers and Steven Fielding, speak to Charlotte Lydia Riley about the consequences of Britain's empire and colonialism for modern British politics. Get Charlotte's book, Imperial Island, here:
  • 34. The Wild Men of the first Labour Government

    Laura and Steven, hosts of the Progressive Britain History Project, speak to David Torrance about his new book on the remarkable story of the first Labour Government of 1924.
  • 33. Clement Attlee and modern Britain

    Laura and Steven talk to Professor Richard Toye about his new book 'Age of Hope', which focuses on Clement Attlee's 1945 Labour government and its contribution to modern Britain.
  • 32. What can Starmer learn from Blair?

    Progressive Britain History Project hosts Steven Fielding and Laura Beers speak to former Political Secretary to Tony Blair, John McTernan. They discuss what Keir Starmer can learn from Tony Blair and what the current Labour Party can learn from New Labour.
  • 30. What Makes A Natural Party of Government?

    Tim Bale, author and Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University, talks to hosts Steve Fielding and Laura Beers about why the Conservatives are historically one of the most successful political parties in history and why Labour historically struggles to win. They discuss the current political and public opinion climate and ask if the next general election could be the real start of a Labour Century.  
  • 29. Labour and the Economy

    Jim Tomlinson, Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow, speaks to co-hosts Steven Fielding and Laura Beers about the Labour Party's relationship with the economy. Why, even when it is steaming ahead in the polls, does the party always seem to be, to an extent, mistrusted on such a crucial electoral issue? Is this perception true, and what can be done about it? Do Rachel Reeves and Keir Starmer have the answer? Where does growth fit into the picture? Jim, Laura and Steven discuss.
  • 28. Labour and the Unions

    Progressive Britain History Project hosts Laura Beers and Steven Fielding speak to Professor Andrew Thorpe, Professor of Modern History at The University of Leeds and author of “A History of the British Labour Party”, about the Party’s long relationship with the unions – from its formation at the beginning of the 20th century to the modern day.
  • 27. Women in Politics

    Progressive Britain History Project hosts Laura Beers and Steven Fielding, speak to Dr Emma Lundin, Senior Lecturer at Malmo University in Sweden, about women in politics.