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Evoking emotion with Byron Spencer

Season 1, Ep. 43

Byron Spencer is a multifaceted artist who explores the art of making people feel something through music, visuals, and theatre. He started his creative journey as a flautist and photographer, capturing portraits and street style. Over time, he developed his own unique style and became known for his eclectic, even erotic and emotive work.

Byron's work is influenced by his love for music, and he often DJs on set to create the right mood. He embraces the vulnerability and intimacy of capturing moments with people and aims to evoke emotion through his art. Byron Spencer is a photographer and artist known for his unique and diverse body of work often featuring famous faces like Lady Gaga, Julia Fox and Troye Sivan. He has worked with international clients and has a strong presence on social media, making Instagram his portfolio above all else. Byron's work often explores themes of sexuality, beauty, and self-expression. He is also involved in the music industry and has a music project called The Deep Faith. Byron's approach to photography is influenced by classical black and white nudes and he aims to evoke emotion and create a connection with his subjects. He values the balance between technology and human connection and is inspired by artists who are healthy and authentic.

This episode is supported by Soho House, and recorded during their pop-up at SXSW Sydney.

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    It's been about a month since Process the Podcast has been back in your ears consistently, and I am LOVING it! To celebrate International Women's Day last week, premium fashion boutique The New Trend partnered with hospitality venue Beverly Rooftop to curate an exclusive brunch and panel discussion dedicated to championing a cause and supporting the Women’s & Girls Emergency Centre charity. Welcoming female guests from various spheres, including media, influential figures, and trailblazing women in business, the event centred on authenticity, fostering meaningful dialogue, and amplifying female leadership. Aligned with both brand's commitment to philanthropy, the event endeavoured to inspire community engagement and support for impactful initiatives. I hosted the panel discussion and raised my exhaustion in the pursuit of effortlessness across various facets of life, championing self-appreciation and the recognition of women's achievements. Featuring Emily Gurr, Entrepreneur and Creative Director of @beverlyrooftop, Vanessa Spencer, Brand Director at @tntthenewtrend, and Sally Crinis, Founder of @stella_co_ @weareboxie, the panel explored the nuanced dimensions of female leadership, embracing traits such as softness, compassion, intellect, and empowerment.In other news, I'm fed up with the Steve's of the world telling me I'm not doing enough, ugh! When did jumping on social media for a quick scroll make me feel so behind? Sorry mate, my agencies not doing $100,000 per month, but I'm incredibly happy and privileged to be where I am. So, I suggest banishing the Steve's, and carving our my own select few people to follow. Bring back the joy of seeing what everyone is up to. I have recently discovered the pure bliss in print mags too, now that Elle Magazine is back! I love the experience of sitting down without interruptions to be shown a highly curated spread of fashion, trends, though-provoking articles and beautiful imagery. I feel seen and spoken to the way I want to be - finally. Bravo Elle. I hope you love this episode, please subscribe, follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok! See you Sunday!