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How to Navigate the Modern Dating and Sex Culture

Navigating the current dating scene is difficult. Between dating apps and the hookup culture, it can be extremely challenging to find a significant other and grow a healthy, lasting romantic relationship. 

But dating becomes a little easier once we determine “what our core values are,” says Caitlin Zick, co-director of Moral Revolution, a California-based ministry. 

The mission of Moral Revolution is to “tell the world a better story about sex,” through resources such as books, podcasts, online courses, and other materials, Zick says.  

“We know that we're living in a generation that is overwhelmed by lots of conflicting messages about love, lust, relationships, [and] sexuality. At Moral Revolution, we really seek to try to define God's design for it,” she says. 

Zick joins the “Problematic Women” podcast to share her own story of struggling as a teen in a highly sexualized culture. She discusses practical tips for finding a significant other and growing a healthy dating relationship. Zick even offers advice for parents who are wondering how to discuss sex and dating with their kids. 

Enjoy the show!

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