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#17 Saabs, Snips and French Shafts

Season 1, Ep. 17

Welcome to Episode 17 of the PRO Detailer Podcast!

After quite a long spell of nothingness in the detailing World, we are now seeing some action in the arena, with brands working on new products, and even re-brands. We discuss some of the latest news and product releases, including the recent re-brand from our old friends at Dodo Juice.

This episode contains a higher amount of car banter (if even possible), including james and Bert losing themselves in the brand chosen by most architects in the 1990s. They are also famous for their Scandinavian fighter jets.

We discuss the current uplift in enquiries for professional detailing services, and ponder over the possibility of customers moving away from hand car washes due to the Covid situation.

Car news is much less exciting than normal, mainly down to Bert being the main focus of it, and Ian's A5 has stopped burning oil (life hack spoiler alert). James has nearly got at least 1 working BMW again, and the Renault is a step closer to being complete.

Jokes are particularly bad in this episode, and banter is below average as usual...

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#19 Obsession, Obscenity and Odd car names

Season 1, Ep. 19
Welcome to Episode 19 of the PRO Detailer Podcast!It's a long one...We are extremely lucky to be joined by none other than Kelly Harris, of KDS and Lake Country fame for this show.In this episode we talk about our trip to Gtechniq HQ, where James, Ian and Rich carried out their IDA Skills Validated assessment, which leads us nicely into Kelly's crazy lighting setup at Lake Country UK and KDS headquarters. If you were pondering the cause of LED shortages in europe, then ponder no more...Bert was lucky enough to attend the recent PVD day at Lake Country, including some discussion on pad angles and polish application. We have a good chinwag about the event and get some amazing insight into Kelly's background, and entry into the industry we now know!It is that time of year when Bert dreams of yesteryear, when he was Vicki Butler Henderson's runner for all of 1 day...We discuss online personas, and mention the glamourous charm of our friend Cav at Stjarnagloss.Car news is spectacularly good, as Kelly talks us through his love life with his VW Caddy (stunning BTW), and depresses James by mentioning the tyres he runs after we learn that the Skod Missile has had some new boots fitted. We also hear about Kelly's passion to make a McLaren better than McLaren can...There is some exciting magazine news too! We have a new feature being added to future issues, and we let you know all about it.This episode really is packed with awesome content, so we'll keep it brief. As expected, Kelly frowns at our awful jokes, but the locked door prevented him from leaving halfway through...

#18 Pathé, Pins and Pen Island

Season 1, Ep. 18
Welcome to Episode 18 of the PRO Detailer Podcast!Sorry for the delays, we've been super busy in the background with the reopening of our businesses (finally). In this episode, we chat about our first off-site visit of the year, when we trundled over to the see the guys at Stjarnagloss on their amazing 24 cars in 24 hours charity event. It also landmarked the maiden voyage of James' BMW E34 on unofficial PRO Detailer business. Upon arrival we were met by the ever-charismatic Cav and his 'Crurr', and modern young people type music. Luckily we had Genesis in the CD player for the drive home. Bert experiences Harlow in Essex, and we discussed Waxstock with PJ off of Dodo Juice fame. Many thanks to Simon at Cambridge Concours for the teas!We discuss the sad cancellation of Waxstock, but give some insight into why it won't go ahead despite lockdown easing.We have some exciting news for the podcast series moving forward... GUESTS!!!If you have any suggestions of Detailing 'celebrities', or brand representatives, please comment on our social media posts. The first two Guests we have lined up are Garage Therapy, and Kelly Harris from Lake country (and long term detailing fame).We discuss the re-opening of the PVD assessments, James and Ian have joined the IDA, and we have alittle chat about the assesssments for both.Car news is a bumper edition this time, with some sad news... As usual, banter is average, jokes are awful and plenty of car chat is present as always!