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Primary Matters

Get Your Boots On: A pearler of a job

Season 1, Ep. 4

The glowing sunrises and working besides dolphins pods alone would be worth getting up for every day but oyster farmer Jacob Thompson also gets a work-out on the job – and he’s paid for it.

In this Primary Matters series we’re meeting people who are pulling on a pair of boots to kick-start a career in the primary industries

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  • Primary Matters - This Gold does not Glitter

    In today’s podcast we’re wielding a high pressure hose at a Waikato lake – which has become home to the unwanted freshwater gold clam. Lake users are being asked to check, clean and dry anything that touches the water to prevent the spread of the clam to other waterways. 
  • Primary Matters - Tips for Farmers in Dry Times

    Waikato dairy farmer Pete Morgan has farmed through a number of droughts in his 30-year farming career. He's made many mistakes along the way but says those dry summers have made him a better farmer. On this week's podcast Pete shares what he has learnt...
  • Primary Matters - Having a Plan for the Big Dry

    A dry summer’s on the horizon and, in this week’s podcast, we’re with MPI's John Roche to hear what farmers can do to successfully farm through it, and where they can turn for help....
  • Primary Matters - Boosting Rural Resilience

    In this week’s podcast we’re hearing how a rural community hub, in an isolated area, is bringing people together. Podcast host Carol Stiles has been invited to breakfast to watch the All Blacks in action, but the hub also organises workshops, further education and action-packed days off the farm….
  • 9. Hook, Line & Sinker - Is the Future of Food Blue?

    On Hook Line and Sinker today we’re hearing from a visiting fisheries scientist who is big on promoting sustainable seafood. Emily De Sousa’s been in New Zealand looking at our aquaculture industry and says people around the world would love to know more about growing seafood the New Zealand way....
  • 4. Gut Feelings: Cook that Chook!

    Campylobacter and the BBQ season go hand-in-hand. Each year 5800 cases of the foodborne illness are reported in New Zealand, and almost 1000 people will end up in hospital. In this week's podcast, host Carol Stiles is in the kitchen with the head of NZ Food Safety, Vincent Arbuckle who has some simple tips that will keep you and your guests safe this summer.
  • 3. Gut Feelings: Fit for the frying pan

    On Gut Feelings this week we hear about efforts to develop rapid test kits for seafood that can tell you right then and there if it's safe to eat. Join host Carol Stiles as she speaks with marine toxin chemist Tim Harwood.
  • 2. Gut Feelings: Date Expectations

    In Gut Feelings this week we hear about what could be lurking in your dip and why it's important to throw it out once it hits its use-by date. As for the best-before date, if it looks good and passes the 'sniff test', feel free to give it a whirl.
  • 1. Gut Feelings: Mussel Maladies

    New Zealanders love their shellfish, but oysters, mussels, tuatua, pipi, toheroa, cockles, scallops, and kina can harbour viruses, bacteria and toxins. In this episode, host Carol Stiles talks to shellfish specialist Piers Harrison about what can happen if you eat contaminated shellfish and how to avoid it.