A Priceless Perspective Podcast

  • The 7 Confidence Killers - Part 2 (Self-Doubt)

    Take a quick afternoon pause break to fill your cup with Confidence. Join Dr. Nicole Steele as she continues her Seven Part Series entitled The 7 Confidence Killers. During part 2 of this segment, she focuses on self-doubt and provides three practical tips to overcome that horrible habit. Check it out and be sure to share it with a friend.
  • The 7 Confidence Killers

    The Confidence Coach, Dr. Nicole Steele shares the first in a series entitled The 7 Confidence Killers. Tune in to learn how to recognize the first as well as gain insight on how to overcome.
  • #Access Denied

    Last week, I shared insight on "How those you are connected to could actually be cramping your confidence", and today, I want to build on that with a simple phrase that God dropped in my spirit last year as He began to expose the hearts of some of those I loved and adored. Sit down and have a sip of this segment of A Cup of Confidence.
  • Are your connections cramping your confidence?

    Join Dr. Nicole Steele, for another segment of A Cup of Confidence as she shares details on how to recognize the 4 toxic types of people you should avoid in 2021.
  • Finding the Treasure in the Midst of the Trial

    While you're getting ready for Thanksgiving, join Dr. Nicole Steele for a quick Cup of Confidence where she will be sharing the importance of finding the treasures in the trail. Visit www.PricelessPerspective.com for other achieved segments.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On During The Storms of Life

    ​Join The Confidence Coach, Dr. Nicole Steele, for another Cup of Confidence to warm your soul. During this segment she provides three tips to help you "keep calm and carry on during the storms of life".
  • Maintaining Confidence in the Midst of Conflict

    No matter who you are or what your story is at this time, the reality is we will all experiences seasons where are facing conflict, sometimes on all sides. So what do we do during those time and how can we maintain our confidence in the midst of conflict?  Join Dr. Nicole Steele with a Fresh Cup of Confidence.
  • The Two Questions That Count

    The Two Questions That Count Join Dr. Nicole Steele for another Cup of Confidence as she shares the two questions that count.
  • Focus on your DOT

    Do you find yourself struggling from time as it pertains to your focus? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the pressures, issues and causes we are facing during this time. If so, tune into this special Priceless Perspective segment featuring Dr. Steele's Cup of Confidence to learn how to focus on what she calls "your DOT".