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  • 410. Ep. 410: HoopGoons

    This week, the SPORTS BOIS are talking about a quality that was on abundant display during the first round of the NBA playoffs (this episode was recorded when most of the first-round series were still going, and Patrick Beverley hadn't yet chucked a ball at a fan's face): goonery! Is this another opportunity for Sean to clown on Joel Embiid, who is really way too good at basketball to act the way he does? You better believe it is. But that's not all it is; the gang has the smoke for a number of other playoff heels.MUSIC: "Someone Else's Dream" – Restorations

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  • 409. Ep. 409: Beercast

    This week, the gang (minus Sean) gets together to talk about a thing that's been a key part of so many moments in our lives and friendship together: beer. But it seems that everyone's relationship with a frosty-cold oat soda has maybe changed in the past decade or so, so it's time to unpack that!MUSIC: "Dan Marino (Live)" – M.J. Lenderman and the Wind
  • 408. Ep. 408: Playoff Time!

    This week, the SPORTS BOIS are here to talk about the NBA playoffs and how things have changed in the Play-in Tournament era. Are we punishing the #1 seeds somehow? And do the Celtics have anything to fear but fear itself?NOTE: This episode was recorded before the play-in games, which means any mention of the Heat and Pelicans does not account for the injuries to Jimmy Butler and Zion Williamson.MUSIC: "Glitz" – Cindy Lee
  • 407. Ep. 407: Nothing Was the Same

    This week, the gang talks a little bit about their March Madness trip to Los Angeles, and the sushi spot that maybe ruined all other sushi spots for Kevin. What did YOU experience one time and know you would never match that level again?MUSIC: "A World Without Pain" – Spiral Heads
  • 406. Ep. 406: Adaptation

    This week, Pierce's experience both reading and watching L.A. Confidential has the gang pondering a classic conundrum: How are you supposed to evaluate movies based on books?MUSIC: "Grifter's Grief" – Yard Act
  • 405. Ep. 405: Goal-Oriented

    This week, the gang talks about setting goals for self-improvement, and ponders Pierce's theory that you can't really evaluate any goal like that on a timeline shorter than a year.MUSIC: "Playing Favorites" – Sheer Mag
  • 404. Ep. 404: ENDGAME

    This week, the SPORTS BOIS are talking about why the last minute or two of sporting events get treated so differently than all of the preceding minutes, especially by the referees.MUSIC: "I Got Heaven" – Mannequin Pussy