Pretty Deadly Podcast

A podcast about realistic self defense for women. Hosted by Pretty Deadly founder Susie Kahlich and women from around the world, we're addressing common misconceptions about self defense, why we think self defense should be part of self care, and sharing tips, tricks and stories.

Susie Kahlich

Susie the founder of Pretty Deadly Self Defense, a self defense system she developed based on her experience as a violent crime survivor, and 20+ years of Ninjutsu training. Through Pretty Deadly Self Defense, she has been leading courses and workshops for professionals, private individuals and refugee communities in the US and Europe since 2009. She is certified in DV trauma support, and has worked with the OECD, and been featured as a keynote speaker at GoDaddy Women In Tech EMEA, Bacardi Group, and St. John’s University Paris.

Tavia Benjamin

Tavia is a social entrepreneur dedicated to making an impact through social impact marketing and campaigns. She is a poet and author of Words Beyond the Page, a poetry anthology that explores the raw, unfiltered emotional growth of one woman. When she is not tending to her garden, she is the effervescent host/moderator for events or The Voice on radio/tvc advertisements.