Presbyterian Church of the Covenant Podcast


Sunday, September 06, 2020

Welcome back and welcome back! This is our first week meeting at the church campus and what a blazing achievement it was.

  • Parking lot roasted,
  • Few people toasted,
  • Teaching on prayer,
  • Then Communion was hosted.

We hope that next week

The heat will be weak

So pull up a chair

As God's teaching we seek.

Prelude - "Symphony of Spirituals" (excerpts) by Joel Raney - Micah Wright, piano; Conrel Radulescu, organ

Welcome & News of the Church

Call to Worship

Praise Song - "How Great is Our God" by Tomlin & Boberg - Danny Fehsenfeld, voice; Farless and Yuen, guitar

Children's Message

Confession and Assurance, led by Amy Hemseri-Sabala

Doxology, led by Danny Fehsenfeld

Sermon - "Pray: Listen and Learn" (John 17) by Rev. Jason Griffice

Preparation for the Table - "Create in Me a Clean Heart" by Keith Green - Danny Fehsenfeld, voice; Farless and Yuen, guitar

Serving the Sacrament of Communion, led by Rev. Sharon Yagerlener

Singing the Lord's Prayer, led by Danny Fehsenfeld


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