Welcome to the Future of Fertility

Ever since the first IVF baby was born, just over 40 years ago, the fertility field has grown steadily and rapidly.  What does the future hold?

On this episode, which is divided into three parts, Andrea invites experts in the field to explore what we can expect moving forward with the advancements in the field, how to best protect ourselves and our specimens over time, and why we need better access to treatment and advocacy for people who are building their families 'with help'.

This episode delves into: 

  • The start of IVF, with the first American 'test tube baby', advocate Elizabeth Jordan Carr, and what she's witnessed in ART in her lifetime
  • The future of fertility, with members of the TMRW Life Sciences Team, Tara Comonte and Cynthia Hudson, who speak about transparency and scalability as more eggs and embryos are frozen.
  • The ethics and law around fertility preservation and accountability, with Family and Fertility Lawyer, Alexis Cirel

While it's never a good time to be infertile or need assistance to have a baby, this conversation shows that the future of fertility looks bright.

This episode is sponsored by TMRW Life Sciences, whose mission is to safeguard life's most precious cells.  They have created a technology so your frozen eggs or embryos are digitally identified and tracked, linking them to you forever, and giving traceability and transparency that hasn’t existed in this way prior. Learn more by visiting

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Those who have followed Sarah Kennedy Ellis’ career as a top CMO for blue chip companies, like Adobe, and now as a VP of Global Growth and Demand at Google, know how talented, driven and successful she is. What they may not know is that no matter how dedicated and focused Sarah is on one of her most important goals - having a baby - she has silently struggled behind the scenes... until recently.In one of her most vulnerable tweets to her business focused audience earlier this year Sarah shared,  “After three and a half years & counting, nine cycles of IVF, two miscarriages in the last six months, I think it's time for me to finally just say it out loud publicly. Infertility is a special kind of Fresh Hell that takes a toll on even the strongest, most resilient people I've met in life.” She added “ thing I've learned most is how important it is to share your journey to be part of a community of women battling the same. I built my career being transparent as a leader, and I have with my team, but I've been weirdly shy to share this new part of who I am here.”In this episode, Sarah shares her story of building her career while navigating fertility treatments, why she knows she picked the right man to marry and company to work for, and what she wants others at Google - and outside of her work - to know about why it's important to advocate for your health and fertility.Today's episode is brought to you by Fertility Out Loud, a platform and social media community which provides resources and tools to help you along your fertility journey, and support from a community of women and couples who have been where you are. Visit for more.