Life After Death with IVF

If you saw Lauren McGregor walking down the street, you’d see a woman glowing with pride that she’s in her third trimester, pregnant with a baby she only dreamed about. What you wouldn’t see is everything behind this pregnancy - the fact that Lauren is carrying the love of her life Chris’s baby, and that he will never be earthside to raise his son with her. You wouldn’t see how devastating the year 2020 was for Lauren after Chris passed away. And you wouldn’t know that despite these circumstances, Lauren still feels really lucky.

Lauren and her late partner, Chris, decided to freeze his sperm after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

She now shares her story in the hopes that it can help others consider preserving their fertility when faced with a terminal illness, to ensure that people fill out the necessary paperwork that she’s grateful to have completed before her partner’s death, and to support others who look to build a family and life after death, despite heartbreaking circumstances.


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