How this Matchmaker Chose Her Sperm Donor

Meet Matchmaker Rachel Russo, a solo parent who believes that having a baby on her own is one of the single best decisions she's made for her love life.

At 30 years old, Rachel had a client who was also a top fertility doctor and offered her the opportunity to freeze her eggs for free. Rachel declined, thinking marriage and babies would soon come. Little did she know then that six years later, as she faced a tough fertility journey, she would look back on the doctor's offer with some regrets. 

Rachel says that with "a ticking clock" and a strong desire for motherhood, she decided to pursue having a baby without a partner in her mid 30s, thinking that not only can love come later, but that this step may actually improve her love life.

In this interview, Andrea and Rachel discuss why the term 'single mom by choice' doesn't resonate with Rachel, how picking a sperm donor is the same and different from the love matches she picks for her clients, and why she wants to share her story publicly and inspire other singles to consider this step.

This episode is supported by California Cryobank, the #1 sperm bank recommended by physicians, which maintains the highest quality standards to give clients the best possible opportunity for a safe and successful pregnancy.  To learn more, visit

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