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Bruce Gerencser | From IFB Pastor to Secular Humanist & Atheist

Ep. 19

On this episode, your host, Eric Skwarczynski, sits down with Bruce Gerencser. Bruce lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 41 years. He and his wife have six grown children and twelve grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. He left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. He is now a humanist and an atheist.

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Men Too: Unspoken Truths About Male Sexual Abuse (ft. Dr. Kelli Palfy)

Ep. 33
On today's episode, your host, Eric Skwarczynski, is joined by Dr. Kelli Palfy.Dr. Kelli Palfybegan her professional career working in adult and youth corrections. Here she noticed a disproportionate number of males in the system. After becoming an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer, she took an interest in investigating sex crimes and went on to specialize in sex crimes committed against children internationally. Here, as she combed through video evidence, she witnessed first-hand the grooming tactics commonly used by sophisticated pedophiles.After retiring from the RCMP, Dr. Palfy obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Alberta where she conducted her doctoral research on the reasons why males don’t commonly disclose sexual abuse. She is now a trained trauma therapist and public speaker on the topic of male abuse. Dr. Palfy currently runs a small private practice where she works with male survivors of sexual abuse, first responders, victims of bullying and couples. Outside of her professional life she enjoys hiking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, hanging out with friends and her pets.Clips Referenced:Sheldon Kennedy Interview – Crews' Testimony – Neverland – Available on HBOEmily's Ted Talk – Kelli Palfypeaksandvalleyspsychology.comResources for Male Survivors: more stories regarding the IFB movement by visiting:preacherboysdoc.com connect with a community who share thePreacher Boys Podcastmission to expose abuse in the IFB, join the OFFICIAL Preacher Boys Facebook Group: the Show:

The “God Factor” in Abuse (ft. ATL Shrink, Claire Horner)

Ep. 32
On this episode, your host, Eric Skwarczynski, is joined by Claire Horner.Claire Horner is known in Atlanta as ATL Shrink and The Relationship Translator.Therapist and advocate for clients seeking relief from sexual assault and thosepursuing healthy relationships.She is licensed as a Professional Counselor with a dual masters. There has been somuch hurt and abuse within the Church, that she thought it best to gain particulareducation in this area so she pursued a degree in Professional Counseling, butalso one that brought psychology and theology together.Her experience growing up in a fundamentalist religious atmosphere alsoprovides a level of understanding that can assist those healing from doctrines thatwent too far, contributed to abuse, or were potentially isolating in ways that havemade moving into adulthood... complicated. After completing the degrees byearly 2004, she became licensed on Valentine’s Day in 2007.In the past 17 years, she has found providing group therapy, recovery from toxicreligious experiences (including abuse and sexual assault), and working withintercultural/interracial couples to be particularly rewarding.Her work in corrections at the start of her career fueled her passion for assistingall people to raise their awareness of how to better care for themselves, toreduce the stigma of mental illness, and to slow down generational traumas.As a new endeavor in the summer of 2019, she decided to start the Atlanta SexualTrauma Specialist Database. The networking community serves as a resource toone another and the community who needs access to a single place to findproviders. The services the specialists offer span psychotherapy, psychiatry,alternative medicine, functional medicine, massage, among others, and can alsoinclude trauma-informed businesses. As it develops, it is hoped that The STSDatabase will be a source for speakers to area groups on the topic of sexualtrauma – both on the sides of prevention and healing. (A trauma-informedbusiness may be a salon, tattoo shop, or real estate company that has beentrained in practices that would make it easier for a person with Complex PTSD –for example – to utilize their services in a minimally triggering atmosphere.)The STS Database is excited to have been part of a specialist roundtablediscussion in the upcoming documentary Unlearning Sex by filmmaker and sexualassault survivor Zahah Thirus. It is being released in educational institutions andwill be hitting the film festival circuit starting this fall.When she’s not tending to her practice, she is likely hunting Greg Mike’s newestgraffiti masterpieces in Atlanta with her photographer mate, rewatching Chef’sTable, planning the next Halloween creation, or tackling the technologicallearning curve of becoming a voiceover artist!The approach Claire uses in counseling stems from the following belief: “We arenot bits and pieces that work separately, but a compilation of physical body,complex mind, emotional information center, relational motivations (or not),sexual energy, and spiritual glue that bring together these aspects of life. Thesesystems break down during grief, trauma, life transitions, and other experiencesthat create disturbing symptoms. The therapeutic process seeks to restore theway these aspects work together thereby reducing the symptoms, calmingemotional storms, and providing choices for the future.”Claire Horner:Claire Horner, MS, MS, LPC, is nationally certified and a state licensed professionalcounselor. For individual, couple, or group counseling, Claire can be reached atATL Shrink, Inc. by calling 404.277.6631 or via the following:Email: clairehorner@atlantashrink.comWebsite: http://www.atlantashrink.comIG: atlshrinkLinkedIn: Claire Horner, LPCFB: ATL ShrinkYouTube: Claire HornerFind more stories regarding the IFB movement by visiting:preacherboysdoc.com connect with a community who share thePreacher Boys Podcastmission to expose abuse in the IFB, join the OFFICIAL Preacher Boys Facebook Group: the Show: