Preacher Boys Podcast

Shedding light on decades of abuse within the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement.

Join your host, Eric Skwarczynski, as he sits down with brave survivors who are shedding light on decades of physical, mental, and sexual abuse within the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement.

Ask Eric | How I Deal With the Emotional Impact of Discussing Trauma

Ep. 37
Eric Skwarczynski, the host of the Preacher Boys Podcast, answers various listener questions.01:18 –With talking to survivors, do you see any patterns in abuse, stories, or the overall culture in the IFB?02:45 –What are you doing now to protect yourself emotionally as you navigate all these stories?03:35 –What practices have you set up to help YOU in your journey of holding this platform/space for people03:53 – How are you holding up when people tell you that you are wrong for doing this?05:05 –I'd like to hear what sort of response you're getting, positive and negative. And what made YOU leave the IFB.05:57 –Having left the movement (and, as such, a lot of friends with it, more than likely), with whom do you talk out held trauma and how do you find people to “understand”? Being in a partnership of marriage with someone who didn’t have the same up upbringing, DO you try to explain to give context? Do you ever lose that sinking feeling in the gut when you register the disgust and shock from someone else after you try to explain the abusive aspects of the IFB movement?10:19 – How do you deal with the guilt or the fear of “what if something bad happens to me or my family because we left?” Or fearing that God might punish you if you leave?11:40 – What are some dreams or hopes for the podcast down the road?*link to the full story of why I left the IFB:*Find more stories regarding the IFB movement by visiting:preacherboysdoc.com connect with a community who share the Preacher Boys Podcast mission to expose abuse in the IFB, join the OFFICIAL Preacher Boys Facebook Group: the Show: