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"I'm Going To F*****g Batter Someone"

Ep. 6

Let's face it, airports can be extremely stressful places at the best of times. You might be dealing with a delayed flight, trying to run to your gate in time, arguing with check-in staff over baggage allowance, and many more possible scenarios that cause you to lose your nerve. Dublin taxi driver Declan Ward was walking through Malaga airport when he received a call from the Strawberry Alarm Clock's Terry and the rest is comedy history.

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  • 9. "Don't bring my f*****g Ma into this"

    On this week's episode of Pranked, Shauna from Dublin has the misfortune of receiving a phone call from Jim-Jim and Terry who are assuming the roles of James Prendergrast and Matthew Fink, Ireland's rudest opticians... Not only do the pair accuse Shauna of owing them money, they also question her parenting skills too. Needles to say Shauna, a live wire herself, didn't take too kindly to the phonecall...
  • 8. "Fukien Fried Rice"

    One episode 8 of Pranked, Jim-Jim and Nobby revisit a gem of a prank phone call by one of The Strawberry Alarm Clock's most beloved characters, Tony. Now Tony is a man with an appetite and only has one thing on his mind... Fukien Fried Rice.Enjoy this short but very sweet trip down memory lane.
  • "I'll Knock Him F*****g out, Where is He"

    Mary is a Deli worker in Spar with a love for all things Fair City. It has always been a dream of hers to act in the soap, as luck would have it, some of her co-workers in the shop informed her of an open cast calling for the iconic RTE show. Unbeknownst to Mary, the casting producers on the other end of the line were The Strawberry Alarm Clock's Jim-Jim and Terry. From speaking French to talking in slow-mo, Mary really goes for the role to try and fulfill her dream of becoming Ireland's next soap-star sensation. 
  • 4. "You Dozy B******s"

    Sometimes The Strawberry Alarm Clock pranks work out just fine, and the unsuspecting person at the other end of the phone sees the humor in Jim-Jim's antics. And then there are some who don't... In this week's episode of Pranked, poor Tommy the fishmonger was finding it hard to see the funny side of things as Jim-Jim accused him of calling a fake co-worker of his a "dozy b******s" earlier that day. Thankfully after a couple of days cooling-off period, Tommy allowed the guys to air the windup, although some still say Dean and his relationship has never quite been the same since!
  • 3. "I'll Get The Courage Up To Punch Your F*****g Head In"

    Episode 3 of pranked visits what is possibly the most explosive outburst Jim-Jim and Nobby have managed to capture on tape in their 10+ years of making The Strawberry Alarm Clock together. Jennifer and Ian are a couple from Dublin who are due to get married in a couple of days' time. With the help of Terry, Jennifer convinces her Fiance Ian that she has been chatted up by a shop worker, who won't return her deposit until she gives him his phone number and takes her on a date... Keeping relatively calm when speaking to Jennifer, Ian rings Paul the shop worker, and absolutely loses it. 
  • 2. "Who Gave You the Authority to Tell Me to go and Get a F***ing Cookbook!?"

    Jim-Jim and Nobby are up to no good as their new podcast series Pranked drives unsuspecting Dubliner’s over the edge… On episode 2 of Pranked, Jim-Jim gets in touch with Bernie, a salt of the earth Dubliner with a penchant for cooking and cursing. Bernie’s been having oven trouble, and Jim-Jim has been tasked by her daughter Amanda to wind her up to 180° by insulting her kitchen credentials while pretending to be from the manufacturer's repair team...
  • 1. "A Member For Ten Years & Then It's A F*** You"

    Nessa Griffith is a keen golfer in Beaverstown Golf Club who gets a great huge surprise when hearing some of the accusations of horseplay and missed avoiding members fee's from Jim.