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  • 2. Foxed: Michael Wolff on politics and media after Rupert Murdoch

    The exit of the most powerful player at News Corp has made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic. At 92, Rupert Murdoch has decided to step down as executive chairman, making way for his son Lachlan. But will much change, given Rupert Murdoch's reputation for being close to the action?In this week's episode of Power Play, host Anne McElvoy talks to Michael Wolff, long-time chronicler of the Murdoch empire and biographer. His latest book, "The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty," is published this week.They discuss what's at stake for News Corp and Fox and what the change at the top will mean for general elections in the U.S. and the U.K. next year.Later, Anne talks to POLITICO’s assembled “Power Panel” to chart their way through a fast-changing media and political landscape. She's joined by Jonathan Martin, POLITICO's senior political reporter in Washington, and Emilio Casalicchio, author of London Playbook PM. 

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  • 1. Keir Starmer International: UK Labour leader puts the world to rights

    In this inaugural episode of POLITICO's new global podcast Power Play, host Anne McElvoy talks to the man who hopes to be Britain's next prime minister, Keir Starmer.In a wide-ranging interview on global affairs, the Labour leader reveals his concerns about China. He warns that the U.K. needs to “wean itself off” China “when it comes to trade, commerce and technology.”Starmer also tells Anne what he thinks about Donald Trump, Joe Biden, the war in Ukraine and his vision for a "clean energy alliance" around the world.Later, Anne talks to POLITICO's assembled “Power Panel” from New York City, where the annual U.N. General Assembly is underway. As leaders gather on the international stage, Rosa Prince, the editor of London Playbook and Nahal Toosi, senior foreign affairs correspondent in Washington, D.C. share their analysis of Starmer's thinking about the world and what it might mean for transatlantic relations.
  • Trailer: Power Play

    POLITICO's new weekly transatlantic podcast Power Play is officially coming to your podcast feed on Thursday, September 21!Hosted by renowned British journalist Anne McElvoy, Power Play takes listeners inside the minds of those who wield power to better understand the choices they face. The show features guests at the top of their fields in government, business, civil society and more — accompanied by the expert analysis of journalists across POLITICO's newsrooms globally, giving listeners the inside take on the most significant issues raised by the guest, as well as the implications.Be sure to sign up to receive email alerts every time a new episode publishes.
  • MI6 chief Richard Moore on Ukraine and the future of intelligence gathering

    In an exclusive interview for POLITICO's forthcoming podcast Power Play, Richard Moore, chief of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service — MI6 — speaks to Anne McElvoy about how the culture of agencies like MI6 is changing.Recorded in Prague, a city that shaped the outcome of the Cold War, Moore shares revealing insights into MI6's approach to Russia, China and other threats to the West. Britain's chief spy explains why he believes the West needs to commit to a battle for freedom and against authoritarian regimes akin to the Prague Spring of 1968.  They share a personal conversation about how their experiences of the Cold War (Moore as a rising star of Western intelligence, McElvoy as co-writer of the memoirs of a Soviet bloc spymaster) shaped their thinking on handling threats today. They also discuss the impact of AI on intelligence work and how the culture of agencies like MI6 is beginning to change.We hope you enjoy this taste of what's to come on POLITICO's Power Play podcast, officially launching in September — bringing you inside the minds of those who wield power. Please be sure to subscribe or follow the podcast on your favorite podcast app, and you can sign up to receive email alerts every time a new episode publishes.