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Don't Talk Yourself Down: Monday Motivation

For today's Monday Motivation Adrienne discusses why we need to not be so self-deprecating!

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  • Is running a marathon good for you? Bonus clip from Modern Wellness Podcast

    Adrienne shares a clip from her brand new show Modern Wellness Podcast. Make sure you go and follow/subscribe now!Welcome to Modern Wellness! A brand new podcast from Adrienne Adhami, Sammi Adhami, and Oli Patrick, exploring everything to do with the wellness industry, and the role it plays in society today.In this episode we answer the question “Is running a marathon good for you?” as race season is well underway and more and more people are getting in to long-distance running. We assume it must be good for us, but is it really?Plus for "This Week In Wellness" we delve into the world of luxury gyms and head to Forbes for their article on Equinox’s new eye-wateringly expensive health offering. "Equinox Is Launching A $40,000 Gym Membership Aimed At Longevity—Here's What Comes With It”Lastly there's a discussion on THC and CBD edibles, the key differences between them, and how some people may be substituting them for alcohol.Support and help for substance addiction can be found online, such as Turning Point.'t forget to rate/review and subscribe or follow!You can follow the show and send in your questions to @modernwellnesspodcast or email questions@modernwellnesspodcast.comAnd follow the hosts Adrienne @adrienne_ldn, Sammi @sammiadhami, and Oli @_olipatrick.
  • Introducing Adrienne's new show - Modern Wellness Podcast

    Adrienne has some exciting news as she introduces her brand new show Modern Wellness Podcast.You can find it wherever you get your podcasts, just search Modern Wellness Podcast.Modern Wellness PodcastJoin hosts Adrienne, Sammi & Oli as they come together to discuss the latest trends, facts and fads in the world of wellness, health, technology and business.Each week the trio delves into new health practices, tech advancements, and business news. They provide accurate unbiased information for both industry insiders and curious listeners.The Modern Wellness Podcast isn't just about delivering facts. it's an engaging and entertaining listen. With a fun authentic chemistry and diverse viewpoints,the hosts aren't afraid to challenge each other's ideas, resulting in thought-provoking debates that shed light on different aspects of wellbeing.A must listen if you’re interested in wellness and want to stay ahead of the curve in health, fitness, technology and business.
  • Power Hour Favourites: Incredible Olympians

    For a special episode with less than 100 days to go until the Paris 2024 Olympics Adrienne looks back at when she’s had the pleasure of chatting with some Olympic heroes on the show! You’ll hear from running legend Dame Kelly Holmes, diving hero Tom Daley, the incredible open water swimmer Keri-Anne Payne, and the brilliant hurdle and sprinter Lina Nielsen.
  • A Message from Adrienne

    Adrienne is going on a short break but there's plenty to stay tuned for!
  • How to live Stress-Free with Mo Gawdat & Alice Law

    Join Adrienne as she talks to the brilliant minds Mo Gawdat and Alice Law about their new book Unstressable.Mo Gawdat is an engineer. What most of us see as insurmountable problems he sees as systems overloads to tackle and solve. Unstressable breaks stress into inputs and effects, classifying human stressors as: stress to the mind, stress to emotions, stress to the body, and stress to the soul. Once classified, Gawdat and co-author Alice Law show readers how stress can be predicted―and once predicted, prevented.Unstressable illuminates for readers how most of us deal with the unpleasant, anxiety-producing and even miserable or tragic events in our lives: stress is always a by-product, leading directly to inability to cope, health problems and cratered confidence. Gawdat and Law guide readers to both heart centred and science-based solutions.
  • Wearable Tech and Our Health with Pamela Nisevich Bede, in partnership with Lingo

    This episode of the Power Hour is in partnership with Lingo. Lingo is a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that helps you understand the real-time impact of food, stress, sleep, and exercise on your glucose patterns. Then coaches you through spikes and dips to help you stay steady and transform your health. Find out more at M. Nisevich Bede, is a certified specialist in sports dietetics, a nutrition spokesperson, industry strategist, consultant. She specializes in writing, presenting, and speaking about sports nutrition, metabolism, health and performance. You can follow Pam @pambederdAt Lingo, Pamela is the Sr Manager of Medical Affairs, focusing on wearable technology and factors impacting metabolic health, analytes, and glycemic control. She oversees nutrition and metabolism messaging and claims, content creation, health coaching, and works directly with athletes and industry partners.
  • How to Stop Breaking Your Own Heart with Meggan Roxanne

    Meggan Roxanne is a first-generation British Trinidadian entrepreneur, author, storyteller, speaker, and the inspirational force behind the renowned platform "The Good Quote.” Beginning her venture with typographic quotes on Tumblr, Meggan quickly garnered over a million followers, leading to the creation of "The Good Quote" on Instagram. This platform has grown into a community of over 30 million, becoming a global sanctuary for introspection and empowerment, particularly uplifting POC writers.You can pre-order Meggan’s book How to Stop Breaking Your Own Heart now.
  • Football, Inspiring Others, and Encouraging Change with Bex Smith

    Bex Smith is an internationally successful footballer who's transitioned to a global executive in sports and business. Bex first came to prominence as a World Cup and Olympic footballer captaining her New Zealand national team, and culminating her club career winning The Triple with VfL Wolfsburg as UEFA Champions League, German League, and German Cup Champions.During her time as a professional footballer in Germany, Sweden, Australia, and the USA, she earned degrees in Economics and Spanish at Duke University, a dual MBA from Germany's Leipnitz Univ & Purdue Univ and Masters in Psychology from Massey Univ, NZ and speaks 4 languages.Post football, she transitioned to the Competitions Manager role of FIFA’s Women’s World Cups then Strategic Planning for Women’s Football globally at FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland. She then co-founded JAMAA Sports Productions (currently Pax Films), and became the Global Executive Director of Women’s Game for COPA90 where she executive produced and hosted the BBC podcast called "The Players Podcast" spotlighting the world's top footballers.‍She founded Crux Sports with the unwavering belief that the women's game is the most powerful tool for social and cultural change in the world when managed properly.
  • Inspired Innovation and Dragon's Den with Lottie Whyte

    Adrienne speaks with the brilliant Lottie Whyte. Co-Founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing health and wellness businesses; Natwest’s‘Entrepreneur of the Year’; finalist at the Aviva Women of the Future Awards; and one of only ten British business-owners backed by Google’s ‘Black Founders Fund’: Lottie Whyte is a force to be reckoned with.Having scaled MyoMaster – the business that she launched in 2021 alongside her husband, professional England and Harlequins rugby player, Joe Gray – to not just profit, but to have an impressive £4m revenue run rate in just three years. Perhaps best known as the ‘Dragon Slayer’, having gone down in Dragons’ Den history for silencing Steven Bartlett with a searing comeback, Lottie’s quick-counter remarks and steadfast conviction in her business saw her win the hearts – and investment – of Gary Neville and Sara Davies. What’s more, she became an internet sensation, with her Den pitch gaining over 15 million views and counting...