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Powered By Audio

How does audio shape our experience with technology?

Season 1, Ep. 1

We communicate, shop, and find entertainment online; it’s how we experience our world in the 21st century. These online experiences aren’t complete without sound. From the "ta-dum" sonic logo preceding a streamed movie... to the "ping" of a messaging app, these sounds are carefully conceived to evoke emotions, to encourage and inform, and to enhance the user experience. In the first episode of “Powered by Audio”, host Randi Zuckerberg talks with Josh Mobley, one of the artists who creates U.I. audio -- User Interface sounds. Then Randi discusses the scientific measurement of audio’s influence on human perceptions with Scott Simonelli, CEO of research firm Veritonic.  

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  • 8. Where will audio take us next? with audio expert Theis Mork and futurists Jared Weiner & Jason Schenker

    Having investigated the current state of audio technology on Powered By Audio, host Randi Zuckerberg now focuses on its future. The Future Hunters EVP Jared Weiner and The Futurist Institute Chairman Jason Schenker predict that improvements in sound will help create immersive entertainment and the next generation of virtual workplaces. EPOS vice president of product management Theis Mork reveals some of the latest audio research and development.
  • 7. How do sounds shape our reactions in emergencies? with 911 Operations Director April Heinze

    How does audio help keep bad things from happening? In everyday life, we are surrounded by situations that require clear and concise communication, issues of life or death. It might be a call that you have to make in an emergency or the radio transmission between your pilot and the control tower. In these high-stakes scenarios that we often take for granted, sound plays an essential role. How is the transmission of audio make or break in difficult situations, possibly even saving our lives in ways we don’t realize? With NENA 911 Operations Director April Heinze and air traffic controller Sarah Skalski.
  • 6. How does audio shape professional sports? with IndyCar driver Marcus Ericsson

    If you have ever watched sports with the sound off, it just doesn’t feel the same. Great audio not only enriches the experience for the fans, but it is also incredibly important to the participants. In this episode, host Randi Zuckerberg examines the many ways audio impacts sports with IndyCar driver Marcus Ericsson and Fox TV audio engineer Joseph Carpenter.
  • 5. How will good sound shape the future of education? with GrowNYC noise specialist Dr. Arline Bronzaft

    The ability to learn has always set humans apart from other species, but the ways we’re educating ourselves are changing. After years of online education as a secondary way for career professionals to advance, the concept is suddenly front and center. The global pandemic forced primary school educators to quickly adapt to remote teaching also. Will online classes gradually replace the classroom? A sea change is coming to education, and audio is crucial to its success. Randi Zuckerberg interviews researcher Dr. Arline Bronzaft and Dr. Steven Tello, University of Massachusetts - Lowel vice provost for Graduate & Professional Studies.
  • 4. How does audio shape gaming? With Cloud9’s Es3tag and video game audio expert Andreas Jessen

    The gaming industry has advanced to the forefront of the entertainment industry. With advancements in graphics and audio that create interactive storytelling and greater player engagement, the popularity of eSports is skyrocketing. Audio plays an essential role in shaping the game-player experience as developers increasingly design games that maximize the auditory sensory experience. In this episode, host Randi Zuckerberg explores the growing role of audio in gaming and the competitive advantage that greater sound awareness can provide gamers. With professional eSports ​athlete Es3tag, Andreas Jessen, senior director of global product management & marketing for gaming at EPOS, and audio designer Rob Bridgett, senior audio director for video game developer Eidos-Montréal.
  • 3. How does audio shape storytelling? with George The Poet

    Since the dawn of civilization, sound has been an essential tool for storytellers. After the demise of silent films, sound design and audio mixing have been as crucial to movies and television as cinematography. In audio-based media like radio and podcasts, audio conveys the story all by itself. This episode explores how audio illustrates an environment, creates moods and emotions, and delivers information far beyond what can be conveyed visually. Host Randi Zuckerberg talks audio with podcaster George The Poet, Foley artist Rick Allen and movie sound designer Pascal Garneau.
  • 2. How does audio shape your environment?

    From caves to the Great Plains to farming communities and enormous cities, the environments in which humans live have dramatically changed over time. With it, the sounds we experience daily have also changed. Unfortunately, the revolution in our living environments has happened faster than our evolution. There is a physical toll caused by unwanted sound that we are simply not equipped to handle. In this episode, host Randi Zuckerberg explores how modern sounds affect us and how we can better deal with the physiological burden they bring. Guests include Community Noise Lab founder Dr. Erica Walker, Lencore Acoustics COO David Smith, and Jesper Kock, VP of Research & Development for EPOS.For more
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    This is a podcast about sound. Host Randi Zuckerberg discovers the stories behind the sounds we hear everyday… sounds that inform, entertain, educate, get our attention, influence our behavior, and save our lives. Join host Randi Zuckerberg and her guests as they explore how audio shapes our experience and how pioneers are creating the sound of the future. Powered By Audio is supported by EPOS. For more information about how EPOS is unleashing human potential by perfecting audio experiences, visit