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  • 6. GLASKLAR HUB: A Conversation with Nicola Alexander-Cross

    For this episode of Glasklar Hub our host Nick Atkins takes a peek (or should that be peep?!) into a rapidly growing business in the dry eye space - Peep Club. Peep Club was the brain-child of optometrist Nicola Alexander-Cross and she is the company's co-Founder. Front and centre to the success of the the brand is its innovative Heated Eye Wand™.Nick discusses the development of the product and what sets it apart from traditional heat therapy options available on the market. As well as discovering more about this optometric entrepreneur’s exciting business venture, they also chat about her motivation behind the business in addition to the challenges of a pandemic hitting at the exact same time as the planned launch of a new product. 
  • 5. GLASKLAR HUB: A Conversation with Jim Green

    This GLASKLAR HUB features Jim Green, the Managing Director of The Eyesite Practice Group. Nick Atkins talks to Jim about his experiences and expertise in his years of practice, including:- The marketing communications they've adopted over the years.- How they've approached the 'niche' subjects such as; sports vision, lifestyle dispensing etc.- Embracing working in the community with sponsorships.- Driving free publicity and social media activity.- and, of course, they're long-standing use of GLASKLAR as a customer retention strategy.
  • 4. GLASKLAR HUB: A conversation with Sarah Morgan

    We’re delighted to have bagged the irrepressible Sarah Morgan for the first of this year’s GLASKLAR Hub sessions.Sarah is something of a communication guru, renowned for her expertise and understanding of this complex area and, somewhat uniquely, how it impacts on everything we do in the optical practice environment. Always entertaining when she speaks in the business environment, Sarah has turned her communication skills and infectious sense of humour into a sideline career as a comedian. During this podcast Nick Atkins will talk to Sarah about her career to date and her thoughts on getting communication right and its effect on customer loyalty and retention. They will inevitably also talk about the consequences of getting it even just slightly wrong and how practices can keep on top of training these essential, but often overlooked, skills during the hectic day-to-day demands of running a busy practice. 
  • 3. Èyes Are The Story - The Eye Safe Cosmetics

    Sharing 'The Story' with founder Amy Gallant-Sullivan and discussing patient testimonials and real-life experience with these products with optometrists Sarah Farrant & Ros Mussa.
  • 2. Q&A with Sarah Farrant on Lid Hygiene

    Focussing initially on Hypochlorous hygiene sprays and discussing Sarah's in-practice protocol for her Dry Eye patients
  • 1. Q&A with Craig Wilcox on NEW Lash Builder

    Discussing the new Lash Builder, DemEx & general MGD and Dry Eye