Portfolio Builders


Using Retirement Accounts to fund REI deals with Devon and Bill Allen Re-Cast

Ep. 51

Devon interviews Bill Allen, founder of 7 figure flipping to talk about a few different strategies to leverage retirement accounts to fund real estate investment deals.

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How We Got Started (Rich Chris Poor Taylor) Re-Cast

Ep. 59
Discover how you can start building wealth with real estate, even without experience.Download our free book "Why Real Estate & How To Get Started."Want to invest in real estate with Wealth Cap Holdings?Book a Call with the team!Have you ever wondered if there was one source you could trust for your real estate, investing, and wealth education? The Portfolio Builders podcast is hosted by two highly successful, multi-million dollar real estate entrepreneurs who, unlike many others, DON’T get paid to teach, they get paid to do. In a world where it can be increasingly difficult to know who to trust, Chris Evans and Taylor Welch are your one stop shop for honest & authentic investment training - whether you’re just getting started, or already a seasoned pro, welcome to Portfolio Builders - a show about long term wealth building & financial independence.Chris and Taylor run several companies that are all doing very well, but the goal was to build a foundation for the future - not a short term cash cow. They also wanted to make time their ally and get time to work FOR them. Investing turns the passing of time into a revenue producing venture.Chris and Taylor detail out the 4 types of “income” (cash flow,appreciation,debt paydown,depreciation write off), CONTROL via supply & demand, undervalue, forced appreciation, etc. and REI vs STOCKS (stocks can be mastered but requires much more effort - puts, options, shorts, etc VS real estate diversifying between markets but basically, people are always going to need a place to live).Why invest at all? That’s the next episode, and then we’re going to get intobiggest risks in real estate + how to avoid.