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Credit Repair 101 : Devon interviews Shann Payton

Ep. 36

Getting the best possible terms for financing real estate investments , no to mention credit cards, car loans ... pretty much anything you want to leverage - often comes down to credit score.

Today we do a deep dive on credit scores with Shannon Payton!

Whether your credit sucks , is so so , or you just want the best possible terms there are things that can be done to make us look more appealing to lenders.

Shannon Payton is a native Delawarean who specializes in helping credit-challenged home buyers and sellers become mortgage-ready so they can achieve their housing goals. Having worked in the housing industry for over a decade, Shannon uses her experiences in Housing, financial literacy, and property management, to help numerous families reach their home buying or selling goals. She believes educated consumers make better decisions and holds regular classes to teach first time buyers and sellers how to successfully close on their properties. Her desire is to help every willing client by being a sounding board. When she isn’t working, she can be found cooking, enjoying time with her family and friends.

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