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PS: It's Bridgerton, Bitch

Hello dear listener, this week we're shaking our Bridgertussies and watching that carriage scene. We also talk Hacks, The Idea of You, Nikki Glazer's special and the Roast of Tom Brady. Bon apple teeth xoxo

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  • PS: Mind The Sharks, Helen

    Red alert! There's gays in Bridgerton and there's sharks under Paris! This Popcorn Spesh we're talking tornados, Aussie fuckboys and Patricia Arquette's height. We also watch Anyone But You, The Impossible and season 1 of Severance. Enjoy xoxoGive us a rating & follow us here:
  • 86. Cruising With The Stars

    Kate Middleton was seen! Show me to me Rachel! This week we get political and chat the US Debate and Senator Fatima Payman crossing the floor. We also chat Plane Jane's beef with Chappell, Daniel Radcliffe at the Tony's, and scamfluencers making homemade sunscreen. Enjoy sweetpeas xoxoPlease give us a rating & follow us here:
  • When Lit In Rome (Bonus)

    It's a EuroTrip bonus, baby! This week Aurelia's fresh off the runway and we catch up on all their European adventures. We also talk American tourists, the Edinburgh Fringe and the looming cicada apocalypse. Love you guys xoxoPlease give us a rating & follow us here:
  • 85. Hawk Girls On Tuah

    Girl, it's so confusing sometimes to be a Hawk Tuah girl. This week we talk Justin Timberlake's arrest, Matt Damon using slurs and Pink Pony Paws Paws. We also chat the Freaky Friday reboot, Taylor chart-blocking, and Lorde and Charli working it out on the remix. Love you guys xoxoPlease give us a rating & follow us here:
  • PS: There's Traitors On The Stairs

    Crack out the popcorn because this Popcorn Spesh we're watching The Traitors, The Staircase documentary and Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback. We also chat about Lisa Vanderpump on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Enjoy xxGive us a rating & follow us here:
  • 84. Muscle Daddies Gone Mild

    Hey honey... have you supported local drag today? This week we're talking Kitchen Nightmares, MySpace emos and Gypsy Rose's trip to the beach. We also chat workouts, Chappel in the apple, and Cher dating younger men. Oh and sweet Apple Paltrow has some insights on WWII... God speed. xoPlease give us a rating & follow us here:
  • Shirley Was A Diplomat (Bonus)

    Hey lovelies. This week for a bonus we're talking about child stars! We talk everyone from Mary Kate & Ashley to Mila Kunis, from Judy Garland to Lindsay Lohan. We also cover kids on set on Modern Family, Harry Potter, Nickelodeon and Disney. Dig in, and enjoy!Please give us a rating & follow us here:
  • 83. That's That Glee Espresso

    A beautiful day to be gay and gossipy. This week we dissect Sabrina Carpenter's new relationship, the "bi girl straight boyfriend" discourse, and Hailey Bieber's lip gloss phone case. We also talk Rihanna's not-so-Fenty hair, Lizzo on South Park, and Charli XCX's Brat release. Love you all xoxoPlease give us a rating & follow us here:
  • PS: She's Going Rogue

    It's time for a Popcorn Spesh! This week we're watching The Acolyte, Perfect Match and the Dancing with the Devil doco about the TikTok cult. Also we get on a weird tangent about breastmilk. Enjoy! xGive us a rating & follow us here: