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POPGAYS: A Pop Culture Podcast for Postmodern Queers

The Ladies of the Lodge

Ep. 9

The Trumps have Covid, Jared Leto has a cult, and the POPGAYS have another week of mayhem in Melbourne. Aurelia uncovers a birthday surprise and the gang chats SavageXFenty, bicurious Prime Ministers and that time Demi Lovato flicked a fan's vagina.  

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  • 8. Let's Have A Waikiki!

    It's Emmy season, hunty! The POPGAYS chat gay clubs, Twitter drama, and losing your virginity. David Attenborough joins Instagram and Charlie shares his horror story from Hawaii. 
  • 7. The Kinky Pasta Poolboy

    The sun's out in Melbourne, as the gang discuss the Paris Hilton doco, the Social Dilemma, and the Pope's comments on LGBT kids. Anti-lockdown protesters bring the cringe, and the POPGAYS chat pet names & being friends with exes.
  • 6. Hakuna My Tatas

    It's naked week in lockdown as the POPGAYS chat Chris Evans' leaked pic, Bella Thorne's OnlyFans and tasteful nudes of their own. Jordan dives into the world of data collection as the gang relive their earliest crushes.
  • 5. My Billion Dollar Sponge Daddy

    The straights start a wildfire as the POPGAYS chat Dancing With The Stars, the new Oscars diversity guidelines and the joys (and perils) of 'dressing queer'. Aurelia teaches us about push presents and Charlie finally gets Costar. 
  • 4. Sandra The Forest Lesbian

    The POPGAYS turn to star signs to guide them through lockdown, and Aurelia takes her girlfriend on a very special trip. They also talk Miley Cyrus, gay PDA and racism in the Aussie theatre community.
  • 3. Katy Perry Killed A Nun

    The POPGAYS get out the ciders for week 3 of lockdown. They chat Tiger King, cottagecore lesbians and the gay marriage plebiscite in Australia. Jordan recalls her favourite Tumblr erotica and Katy Perry killed a nun.
  • 1. The Lil' Douche That Could

    The POPGAYS make their debut in the middle of Melbourne lockdown. We meet Jordan Barr, Charlie Zangel & Aurelia St. Clair as they chat Ellen DeGeneres, "Dramageddon" in the makeup community, and gay dating in lockdown.
  • 2. Prince Harry Potter-Styles

    Week 2 in lockdown! The POPGAYS chat the Free Britney movement, JK "Transphobia" Rowling and falling in love with straight people. They also make time to roast Gigi Hadid's new house.