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A Pop Culture Podcast for Postmodern Queers with Melbourne comedians Aurelia St. Clair, Charlie Lewin & Jordan Barr. New episode weekly!

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  • PS: She's Going Rogue

    It's time for a Popcorn Spesh! This week we're watching The Acolyte, Perfect Match and the Dancing with the Devil doco about the TikTok cult. Also we get on a weird tangent about breastmilk. Enjoy! xGive us a rating & follow us here:

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  • 82. Like A Bat Out Of Gossip Girl

    Huge week for the gossip girlies! Grinch star Taylor Momsen gets bitten by a bat, Home Alone 2 star Trump gets convicted, and Vatican star the Pope Francis gets sassy with the gays. We also talk Jenny Nicholson and the Star Wars Hotel, Avril Lavigne conspiracies, and Troye Sivan's new fruit bowl. (Oh and Jordan has the third type of synaesthesia - hooray!)Give us a rating & follow us here:
  • Aurora Aureliaris (Bonus)

    This week for a bonus treat, Aurelia is bringing out their deck and giving us a tarot reading! It's also the week the Aurora Australis is passing by so we're feeling very celestial and looking to the stars. Enjoy bbys. Please give us a rating & follow us here:
  • 81. Milfs of Merge Mansion

    Hey kitty girl! This week we're talking global drama from the US Senate, to the Cannes Film Festival, to the now closed New York Dublin portal. We also talk about Ben & JLo's split, Gottmik's transgressive runway look, and Nicki Minaj's brief incarceration in the Netherlands. Also Cate Blanchett said she was middle class? Love that for her!Please give us a rating & follow us here:
  • PS: It's Bridgerton, Bitch

    Hello dear listener, this week we're shaking our Bridgertussies and watching that carriage scene. We also talk Hacks, The Idea of You, Nikki Glazer's special and the Roast of Tom Brady. Bon apple teeth xoxoGive us a rating & follow us here:
  • 80. Microplastics? In My Vagina?

    Everyone's fave Horrid Little Gossips (trademark) are back! We talk the Melbourne Bridgerton experience, Zendaya at the Met Gala and the Four Seasons Orlando Baby. We also discuss Scarlet Johansson's AI case, Jojo's Disney 21st, and North West's "starring" role at the Hollywood Bowl.Give us a rating & follow us here:
  • Tasty Rap Beef (Bonus)

    Hey hunty! Here's an extra tasty morsel of goss dedicated to all the best rap beef going around. We talk Drake vs Kendrick, Nicki vs. Megan Thee Stallion, Bob The Drag Queen vs. Maddy Morphosis and Azealia Banks vs. literally everyone. Love you!Be a sis and give us a rating! You can also follow us here: