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Popcorn and Monsters

Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 8-Hidden Depths

Season 1, Ep. 8

Hello all and welcome to a double episode day.

Now that I am back from my jaunt across the seas please enjoy the goings on of our motley crew, not the heavy metal band.




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  • 1. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 7-The Journey begins

    Welcome to the show, do you have your tickets? You do, excellent, let me take you to your seats.Popcorn and Monsters begins its journey with Larry Talbot finding out about a father he thought was lost. Let's join him as he starts his adventure.Music-Haunted House - Mike Franklyn Don't Walk Alone - Trailer WorxWant to become a producer and have your name read in the credits after each episode? Check out my patreon page usher,CK
  • 2. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 2-A very long night

    Time to enjoy the continuing adventures of Larry Talbot as he is taken to see the Dad he thought was long gone. Is everything as it seems? Listen and find out.Warning, contains silliness with a tinge of drama.If you would like to support the show then head to House - Mike Franklyn Don't Walk Alone - Trailer WorxTill the next screening, Your usher,CK
  • 3. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 3-A new friend

    Join Larry as he continues his adventure, albeit a very different adventure that he thought it was going to be. Amazingly, things get even odder when we meet a new familiar face, a very interesting face.If you would like to support the show you can find me at where you can try a tier for free for a week. For that and everything Popcorn check the linktree you and I'll see you at the next showing,CKMusic Don't walk alone-Trailer Worx Haunted house-Mike Franklyn
  • 4. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 4-Hey good lookin'

    Our story continues as Larry meets some new visitors in the cabin of mysteries, will they be able to provide answers? Or just bring more questions and a hint of sarcasm?If you would like to support the show then head to that and anything else you can use the linktree.Trailer is world's dumbest criminals from the legend who is Tara SaribanThanks and see you at the next showing.Music Haunted House - Mike Franklyn Don't walk alone - Trailer worx
  • 5. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 5- Hello Mudda

    Join our gang as their number is increased by one with the arrival of a creature whose reputation scares even them.Music Haunted House by Mike Franklyn Don't walk alone by Trailer WorxIf you would like to support the show then pop over to we meet again,Your usherCK
  • 6. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 6-He's alone

    Time for the next showing of popcorn and monsters, the gang's journey continues through a cabin that seems to have more rooms than it would seem.If you would like to support the show and become a producer then pop over to If you would like to follow me on instagram or other socials then check out the link tree, I'm always open to hearing what you think.Your usher,CKMusic Haunted house-Mike Franklyn Don't walk alone-Trailer worx
  • 7. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 1-Family is complicated

    Tickets at the ready for the next chapter of popcorn and monsters. In this episode a new arrival causes a lot of emotions to run riot, oh boy.If you would like to contact me about the show or general info then check the linktree for all social media info and if you would like to support the show then you can pop over to patreon, also in the linktree. you everyone, I hope you are enjoying the show,Your usher,CKMusic Don't walk alone-Trailer worx Haunted house-Mike Franklyn
  • 9. Popcorn and Monsters Chapter 9-Let's talk movies

    Well hello again my friends and welcome to the second episode of today's double whammy.Our gang learn about what people think of them in a land they didn't know's complicated. Wolfie does his best, bless his hairy heart.Enjoy!CK