Join us weekly for a conversation about the "The Trials and Tribulations of Warrior Women" in modern life. With special guests and on location recording's for a funny and sometimes serious chat amongst women.

Uzma Aynar

Uzma is an Architect and Contruction Project Manager @ Aylaa Exclusive by day and Poopology Podcast Producer by nights. She love's natta's (custard tarts), love island and everything that is RIBA....... her hobbies include eating chicken and planing holidays... her ambition is to swim with pigs.

Eve Laws

Eve is your Host and currently runs a all female construction company Aylaa Exclusive and is the co-founder of a technology business Gridizen... She likes knitting, watching documentaries, love island, and takes an interest in current affairs, politics and feminism. She is all about female empowerment. She loves sailing and would like to swim the channel one day.... and hates okra and biography's.....

Claire Roper

Claire is your Co-host and a marketer/social media guru/genius by day and mum of 3+1 by night.... she loves to bake, make social media videos, tell stories about her brother and watches news night and documentaries.... she hates love island.....she loves her little boys and Mr R.