cover art for DEBATE PREP! What Each Candidate Needs to Achieve. Coaching Biden's Debate Coaches (with Bill Scher)

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DEBATE PREP! What Each Candidate Needs to Achieve. Coaching Biden's Debate Coaches (with Bill Scher)

Justin deep dives into the upcoming debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the importance of debate moments, and the historical significance of televised debates. 

Plus, Bill Scher stops by to coach Joe Biden's debate coaches. 


00:00 Introduction and Mock Debate Prep

01:02 The Impact of Debates on Public Opinion

02:01 Debate Previews and Historical Moments

02:42 The First Televised Debate: JFK vs. Nixon

04:49 Debate Formats and Locations

05:43 Debating During the Pandemic

06:34 Analyzing Biden's Debate Performance

07:28 Comparing Biden's Past Debates

07:54 Comparing Trump's Past Debates

08:41 Trump's Calm and Presidential Moment

11:47 Debates Revolving Around Trump

15:29 Biden's Memorable Moment: 'Will you shut up, man?'

20:35 Trump's Calm and Thankful Moment

21:42 Contrasting Trump and Biden

21:59 PoliticsWooshVideo.mp4

22:03 Norfolk Southern Train Derailment

24:27 Primary Contests

27:55 Gag Order on Donald Trump

29:07 Support the Show and Live Events

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