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Resolving Conflict

Season 3, Ep. 37

Conflicts often exist in your relationships, your workplace, and in politics because of the person(s) psychological ego, childhood beliefs about disagreeing, concerns about image, and desires to be "right" or in control. In this episode, I am interviewed by thought leader and former journalist Michael Ashford, the host of The Follow-Up Question podcast.

Listen-in to hear how to resolve conflicts with others or even within yourself and learn how internal conflict (within yourself) can be a good indicator in how to move forward in life.

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  • 44. film reaction: "The War on Children"

    The new film, The WAR ON CHILDREN, documents the multiple attacks on America's children - from mass gaslighting, to fake science, to legalizing the trafficking of youth with Gender Dysphoria, to sexually exploiting children.Listen-in as I share my reactions to this eye-opening documentary by Robby & Landon Starbuck.*Watch the movie for free this week:**Download the movie: Science & Love,~ Dr. Renee’ Carr____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:        @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:       @DrReneeCarr#WarOnChildren #FilmReaction
  • 43. The Psychology of Romantic Attraction

    What makes someone attracted to you? What makes you more attracted to one type of person more than another type of person? In this episode, we explore the psychology of romantic attraction and how to use this science to recognize a more compatible potential spouse.Learn about:1.   The 8 major traits associated with attraction and attractiveness2.   Male and female differences in attraction3.   Sexual attraction VS romantic attraction4.   How self-esteem influences to whom you are attracted5.   Different traits men and women look for in a long-term partner for marriage6.   The personality type of the "ideal" romantic partner and spouseIn Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #RomanticAttraction #scienceOFattraction #PsychologyOFlove #attraction #romance #LoveAndAttraction #GenderDifferences #EvolutionaryTheory ____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr
  • 42. A.I. Pedophiles

    Listen-in and hear how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is being abused to sexually exploit children. From copying the pictures of children you post on social media, to generating fake images of graphic scenes of abuse, A.I. is creating massive amounts of real and edited sexual abuse material to feed the appetites of pedophiles. Hear how ChatGPT, all social media platforms, “undressing” apps, and other forms of A.I. are using algorithms to create customized Child Sexual Abuse Material – and doing nothing to protect children from these online and digital exploitations. In Science & Love,~ Dr. Renee’ Carr#AIpedophile #CSAM #ArtificialIntelligence #ChildSafety #antitrafficking #ChildExploitation #EARNITact #EARNit #aiCSAM____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:        @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:       @DrReneeCarr____________________________🔗Select Research & Good Reads*AI-Generated CSAM: The Call for Proactive Action The EARN IT Act, S. 1207, 118th Cong. §5(6)(B)-(C) (2023).The bill establishes the National Commission on Online Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention. The commission must develop best practices for interactive computer services providers (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) to prevent, reduce, and respond to the online sexual exploitation of children.,online%20sexual%20exploitation%20of%20children KIDS ONLINE SAFETY ACTAdditionally, the bill requires large (based on specified revenue, employment, or user criteria) websites, internet applications, and search engines (including social network sites) to meet certain requirements before using algorithms that prioritize information furnished to the user based on user-specific data. For example, such platforms must (1) provide users with notice that the website uses such algorithms, and (2) make available a version of the platform that uses algorithms that do not prioritize information based on user data. *Free library/institution access might be required for some of these publications.
  • 41. The Plastic Bag Scam

    Many states are enforcing a plastic bag ban and charging shoppers a fee for paper bags. On the surface, this sounds like a great way to reduce plastic waste in our oceans, landfills, and foods. BUT…what does a paper bag fee have to do with a plastic bag ban? What is the real reason why governments are forcing grocers to collect this fee? Listen-in (link in bio) and hear the true motivation behind your state’s plastic bag ban and plastic bag tax. In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #PlasticBagBan #plasticVSpaper #microplastics #recyle #LossAversion____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:@PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr
  • 40. Was Cassie Trafficked?

    Cassandra {"Cassie"} Ventura sued Sean ("Diddy", "P Diddy", "Puff Daddy") Combs on November 16, 2023 with allegations of sexual violence, domestic violence, and sexual trafficking. The case was immediately settled for $30 million. Yet, was Cassie truly trafficked?Listen-in to hear the timeline of their relationship, what the lawsuit claims happened to Cassie, and if it's true that Cassie was, indeed, a victim of human trafficking.#Cassie #Diddy #SexTrafficking #HumanTrafficking
  • 39. Why Healthcare Ignores Science

    Instead of caring about your health, many hospitals, clinics, and health care systems are ignoring science so they can increase their profits. Using tricky language and visual cues, many healthcare providers and institutions are conditioning your mind to believe what they tell you rather than the truth.Before you go to your next doctor’s visit, listen-in and learn about this healthcare hypocrisy. In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #healthcare #hypocrocrisy #bathrooms ____________________________LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr
  • 38. Ritual Abuse

    This week, many acts of ritual abuse were committed across the country. Although October 31st is the day when the rituals are more extreme, ritual abuse happens almost every day in our country - in almost every state.The majority of victims are not believed because their stories are so sadistic that their stories seem unreal.Listen-in to learn more about ritual abuse, how it happens, and how to help prevent future victims.#RitualAbuse#BloodSacrifice#MindControl#DarkHalf#HalloweenRitual#SatanicCelebration
  • 36. Do Boycotts Work?

    Do boycotts work? Bud Light and Target experienced major boycotts this year…but where they effective? After the hype wears off and the news coverage stops, do boycotts continue? Listen-in to hear if these boycotts worked and what is needed to make an individual or a mass boycott effective.In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #PsychologyOfBoycotts #boycotts #TargetBoycott #BudLight