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January 6: The Psychology Behind It

Season 2, Ep. 18

Let’s have an unbiased understanding and psychological analysis of what really influenced the minds of the January 6th insurrectionists.

Regardless of political party, understanding the psychology of power and persuasion helps us scientifically explain how one person can become extremely powerful over large masses of other persons.

Do you have personality traits of a controller? Or, are you more likely to be controlled?

How did a peaceful rally become violent? What made some people become violent and not others?

As you and I kick-off Season 2 (yay!) on the one-year anniversary of this podcast, listen-in as my previous co-host, Dr. Olysha Magruder and I discuss the psychology of domestic terrorism and the historical event of January 6, 2021. Hear some of the questions we answered on one of the most popular episodes of our Provocative Conversations podcast!



In #ScienceAndLove

~ Dr. Renee’ Carr

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