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How Science is Lying to You

Season 2, Ep. 20

How can you tell if those “backed by research” claims are real?


-        Do CBD products really work?

-        Are genital removal surgeries “effective” for children?

-        Does Costco really sell the most healthy vitamins?


If you ever bought something, received a treatment, or voted for an issue because you were told it was “backed by science”, it is a strong possibility that you were lied to.


Science is being misrepresented to increase sales and influence state and federal laws. Americans are being manipulated to believe research data that has been exaggerated, misinterpreted, or completely made-up.


Listen-in and here the two most common types of lies in science. Get tips on how to tell if a science claim you are believing is the truth or a lie.


In Science & Love

~ Dr. Renee’ Carr

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