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Poetics of Home Festival

Writers and Migrants

Season 1, Ep. 3

What challenges do poets face as migrants? Marilyn Chin, Jennifer Wong, and Mary Jean Chan, poet-migrants from Hong Kong, read and discuss their work with Professor Robert Hampson (IES), recollecting their arrivals and their changing views about who they are or who have become.

Recorded on the 25th September 2021

Mary Jean Chan’s Flèche

Jennifer Wong's Letters Home 回家 -

Marilyn Chin’s books

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  • 10. The Mapping of Desire

    How does a writer approach questions of gender and sexual identity in this day and age? How do we go about mapping the taboo and voicing unspoken desires? How do we redraw boundaries, and how can one appreciate the power of naming? Join poets Nicholas Wong, Lady Red Ego, and Jinhao Xie as they explore these questions in conversation with Annie Fan. Recorded on the 3rd of October, 2021. Nicholas Wong - Besiege MeLady Red Ego - Natural Sugars Jinhao Xie: Profile
  • 9. Voices in Hong Kong

    Melanie Ho, contributor to Asian Review of Books moderates a reading with Eddie Tay, Jason Lee, Louise Leung & David McKirdy, some of the most-celebrated poets living and writing in Hong Kong. Recording from 2nd of October, 2021David McKirdy: ProfileLouise Leung: ProfileJason Lee - Beds in the EastEddie Tay – Dreaming Cities
  • 8. Breaking Down the Stereotypes

    Eddie Tay speaks to poets L Kiew, Annie Fan, Antony Huen and Daryl Lim Wei Jie about how poetry can help break down unjust stereotypes and bring about a greater sense of equality. From translating and reinventing classical Chinese poetry, to the use of multilingual expressions, these poets reflect on the dismantling of stereotypes and injustices in our society. Recorded on the 2nd of October, 2021 Annie Fan - WoundsongL Kiew - About & The UnquietDaryl Lim - A Book of ChangesAntony Huen - Profile & Poetry
  • 7. Family History

    Professor Susheila Nasta, pre-eminent scholar of diasporic literature and founding editor of Wasafiri, talks to Shirley Lim, Jennifer Lee-Tsai, Hannah Lowe and Kit Fan about their childhoods and family history, and how these experiences have transformed their writing journeys. Recorded on the 1st of October, 2021 Jennifer Lee-Tsai's - KismetKit Fan: About & As Slow As PossibleHannah Lowe's - The Kids Shirley Lim - Selected works
  • 6. Cultural Hybridity

    What is hybridity? Are we not all in a sense hybrid? Lucienne Loh talks to poets Will Harris, Jay G Ying, and Helen Bowell about living between cultures and hyphenated identities, and how they find their own creative voice in that space. Recorded on the 28th of September, 2021 Will Harris: About Helen Bowell's Forthcoming Pamphlet with Bad Betty PressJay G Ying: About
  • 5. Poetry and Society

    Can one write poetry without thinking or caring about society? How does reality find its way to the poet’s page? What is a poet’s responsibility- to whom or what do they pledge their allegiances, as they experience and reflect the world? Laura Jane Lee, Natalie Linh Bolderston and Cheng Tim Tim join Sarah Howe for a poetry reading and conversation. Recorded on the 28th of September, 2021 Cheng Tim Tim’s selected poems: Cicada & DiodeLaura Jane Lee’s - Flinch and AirNatalie Linh Bolderston's – The Projection of Ghosts
  • 4. Experimental Poetics

    In conversation with Professor Dorothy Wang, poets Marilyn Chin, Jane Wong and Jay G Ying share and discuss their poetry and approach towards poetic craftsmanship- from the experimental use of forms, the texts and forms that inspire them, and how they continue to “break new ground” in their work. Recorded on the 26th of September, 2021. Jay G Ying - about Jane Wong - How to Not Be Afraid of Everything Marilyn Chin - A Portrait of the Self as Nation Dorothy Wang - Thinking Its Presence
  • 2. Writing from Hong Kong

    Poets Felix Chow, Akin Jeje, Marco Yin and Kate Rogers in conversation with Tammy Ho, Editor of Cha: An Asian Literary JournalHow does poetry reflect or redefine ‘place’ in a cosmopolitan Hong Kong where the East runs in parallel with the West? Who are the locals, or what are the locals? What makes the city unique? Enjoy how these widely-celebrated poets from Hong Kong explore the idea of place in their poetry.Recorded on the 24th of September 2021Akin Jeje - Smoked Pearl - Chow – to connect: to find out more about his poems: Marco Yan: to connect and for more: Rogers - Out of Place -