cover art for 1 in 4: The Realities of Depression and Anxiety

1 in 4: The Realities of Depression and Anxiety

Journalist Ellie Clifford uncovers the the truth about mental illness. "It's very difficult to first recognize it, and then go about seeking help." Journalist and Presenter: Ellie Clifford Producer: Emilee Senchyna

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  • Headphones essential. Binaural explained by Laurie Fletcher

    Laurie is a binaural enthusiast. This podcast will surprise you with the amazing effects that binaural recording can create.
  • The life of an autistic man

    Jack Tuck tells the story of his life so far with autism, a very real account from a young journalist who wants to use his story to raise awareness of what life with autism is like
  • Second Hand Meringue

    Second-hand Meringue was written and performed by Bexie Archer Editing, recording and sound design by Cordelia Galloway Additional sound effects * Music written for by Oliver Morris Directed and produced for by Cordelia Galloway *
  • Start your own magazine

    Abiola, a 22 year old entrepreneur hopes for Afrokanist to be the mainstream magazine for Africans around the world. "I want you to realise that you are much more than what you have been told you are." Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna
  • 20 and undecided

    Tom Clayton in Warwick, with fellow students working out how to 'vote the way they want to.' "I know it's important, but I don't really know much about it, like why it's important..." Journalist and Producer: Tom Clayton
  • Today's conductors

    Journalist Tori Longdon explores the world of choral conducting. "I'm just supposed to know it all." Journalist: Tori Longdon Producer: Aidan Judd
  • From pop to Puccini

    Huddersfield singer Holly Czolacz talks about her unexpected journey into the world of classical music. "At the end of the day, you are sort of your own business really." Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna
  • What difference did I make?

    Alice, 20 tells the stories of young women who have been trafficked in the Philippines, and young men recovering from drug addiction in Hong Kong. "I'm not equipped to be here, you know I'm not trained to be with these kind of people." Journalist and Producer: Emilee Senchyna