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  • 19. Episode 19: We'll Ruin Sesame Street for Everyone. Sorry.

    This episode we get back "Ifn Whendy" The bay area burlesque star and hilarious co-host. With the help of Adam Aragon, Joe Krol and Matlock Zumsteg - we delve the deep depths of Sesame Street, How much we love our animals, and some truly terrible AI art suggestions.

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  • Episode 18: Stop Motion & Movie Magic with Bronica Blue!

    We interview Bronica Blue who grew up in the visual effects industry and spent a portion of her childhood on the set of "Nightmare Before Christmas" among others. We talk Stop motion vs Claymation and talk about geeky things & movies done right. Plus you know, we're funny.
  • 17. Episode 17: Ifn Whendy & the ADHD Orchestra!

    Enjoy Bay Area Burlesque Legend: IFN WHENDY She's a sassy, funny, smart weirdo. Which is our Jam. We talk about Cryptids, San Francisco life, bad neighborhoods and the whimsy of the theater. All this with Hosts Adam Aragon & Kevin Jones. You won't want to miss this one. Get your laugh on. Side Note: There is no Orchestra and the feed drops to low quality for the latter half. Let's blame technology ;)
  • 16. Episode 16: Getting High on Life with Chris Spiteri

    Check out this One on One interview Chris Spiteri, courtesy of Adam Aragon from the Podcast Wreckers. Chris made the jump from Scientist to Aerialist Teacher and Circus & Burlesque performer. She's an all around pretty excellent human and we both enjoy that we're awkward, together. Come check out her story.
  • 15. Episode 15: Dealing With Death and Other Hobbies...

    This latest episode from the Podcast Wreckers featured Kevin Jones from @MightyFineKitchen and Benny Arent from "High INT Low WIS" We talk about how we coped with death using humor and whether or not that's a healthy past time (probably not). We also do some improv comedy games and talk about some recent Movies & Games we were into.
  • 14. Episode 14: Interview with TTRPG Podcaster "Benny Arent"

    We interview the funny & talented Benny Arent whose TTRPG themed podcast "High INT Low WIS" is just starting on podcast channels. We ask him about the new show and talk about cooking, jury duty, and how much of a jerk Adam is sometimes. Fair Warning: We had some technical difficulties this episode and there is some sync/crosstalk issues - thanks for bearing with us.
  • 13. Episode 13: Interview with Security Expert: Kevin Jones

    We bring back our good friend Kevin Jones to interview him about his Journey from working at a Prison, to working security at a world famous amusement park (wink wink) Enjoy the interview shenanigans as we dig into what's cool and uncool about working with Law Enforcement. He also has a cooking show! On Instagram @MightyFineKitchen