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1989: When Harry Met Sally with Liz Hannah

Liz Hannah (Writer: Long Shot, The Post) joins us to talk about the mother of classic rom-coms, When Harry Met Sally...

We talk about how much you can still feel its influence to this day, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal's interesting and timeless chemistry, Nora Ephron's career, our favorite jokes and moments and what makes the movie so comfortable to rewatch.

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  • 18: Reservoir Dogs with Carson Betts & Caroline Thompson

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  • 17: Stay Tuned with Louis Peitzman

    Today on Podcast Like It's 1992…Louis Peitzman from Vulture, NYTimes joins Phil & Emily for Stay Tuned!We talk about the similarities to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, whether or not the different parodies work in this, and eye-catching VHS box art. Patreon: patreon.com/PodcastlikeitsTwitter: twitter.com/podcastlikeits Instagram: instagram.com/podcastlikeits Reddit: reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 1989: The War of The Roses with Carrie Courogen & Carrie Wittmer

    Once in a lifetime, a podcast episode comes along that makes you feel like falling in love all over again. Last week we covered Kenny's favorite movie, now it's time for Phil to take the wheel with Danny DeVito's THE WAR OF THE ROSES.How sexy is Michael Douglas? Is this Danny DeVito's first blank check film? Why does Phil love this thing so much?! These are the questions we're trying to answer this week with a cracker jack team of writers named Carrie; Carrie Wittmer (GQ, Ringer) and Carrie Courogen (Bright Wall Dark Room, Condé Nast) This may just be our widest spread of rankings in almost 200 episodes...it's all out war!Find Carrie Courogen at: carriecourogen.comFind Carrie Wittmer at: carriesnotscary.comPodcast Like It's 1999: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-like-its-1999Twitter: twitter.com/podcastlike1999Instagram: instagram.com/podcastlike1999Reddit: reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 16: Patriot Games with Adam B. Vary

    Today on Podcast Like It's 1992…Variety's Adam B. Vary joins Phil & Emily this week to talk about Patriot Games!We talk about Harrison Ford's acting chops, the Tom Clanc-verse, and of course our favorite action movie heartthrobs.Patreon: patreon.com/Podcastlikeits\Twitter: twitter.com/podcastlikeits Instagram: instagram.com/podcastlikeits Reddit: reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 1989: Steel Magnolias with Libby Hill

    This was Libby Hill's her first appearance over the paywall to talk about the comedy-drama with a surprisingly stacked cast, Steel Magnolias.We discuss the many highs, and few lows, of the ensemble cast, the pitfalls of adapting a play to the screen, and Sally Field's eyebrow raising oscar snub. It this the heartwarming classic we all look back on it as, or does it succumb to its own melodrama? Grab a box of tissues, because this one might get a bit misty.Find Libby at: https://authory.com/libbyhillPodcast Like It's 1999: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-like-its-1999/id1316214754Twitter: twitter.com/podcastlike1999Instagram: instagram.com/podcastlike1999Reddit: reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 15: Candyman with Roxana Hadadi

    Roxana Hadadi joins Phil & Emily to talk about Candyman! We discuss our favorite horror movie tropes, and dare one another to say the name five times.Patreon: http://patreon.com/PodcastlikeitsTwitter: http://twitter.com/podcastlikeitsInstagram: instagram.com/podcastlikeitsReddit: http://reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 14: Basic Instinct & Consenting Adults with Karina Longworth

    Today on Podcast Like It's 1992,Basic Instinct & Consenting AdultsKarina Longworth joins Phil and Emily to talk about sexual thrillers, and the erotic 80’s!Patreon: patreon.com/PodcastlikeitsTwitter: twitter.com/podcastlikeits Instagram: instagram.com/podcastlikeits Reddit: reddit.com/r/podcastlikeits
  • 13: Scent of a Woman with Rachelle Lefevre

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  • 12: Dracula with Tom Mison & Clay Keller