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  • 1989: Sea of Love with Clay Keller

    Clay Keller (Screen Drafts) joins us for a dip into the SEA OF LOVE!We discuss the state of Al Pacino's career in the late 80s, including how this movie was the beginning of his famous, unhinged line readings. We also talk about buddy cop movies, what repertory cinema houses are getting wrong, and why this movie isn't a revered classic.Find Clay at: Like It's 1999:
  • 33: School Ties with Michael Hobbes

    On this episode of Podcast Like It's 1992, journalist/podcast host Michael Hobbes joins us to discuss School Ties.We talk about other 90’s boarding school movies, where this film stands among them, and the portrayal of angsty teenage antisemitism.Patreon: Instagram: Reddit:
  • 32: Newsies with Dana Schwartz

    On this Special Bonus Episode of Podcast Like It's 1992, author/writer Dana Schwartz joined us to talk about Newsies.‌We discuss the musical’s pro labor message, the lore behind Alfred Nobel, and of course some hot dirty dusty newsboys!Patreon:
  • BONUS: Murphy Brown with Kathryn VanArendonk

    On this Special Bonus Episode of Podcast Like It's 1992, Kathryn VanArendonk joins us to talk about Murphy Brown.We talk about the real world stories this show tackled, audience expectations of the 2018 revival, and the fight to keep a show like this from fading into our memories.Patreon: Instagram: Reddit:
  • 31: Wayne’s World with Harry Elfont & Deborah Kaplan

    On this week’s episode of Podcast Like It's 1992, writer/directors Harry Elfont & Deborah Kaplan join us to talk about Wayne’s World.‌We dive deep into the mechanics of this beloved classic, audience expectations back in 92 vs our own rewatch, and how a movie like this seemingly shouldn’t work but very much does!‌Patreon:
  • BONUS: Emily’s Special Bonus Country Music Episode

    Welcome to this Special Bonus Episode of Podcast Like It's 1992! Emily St. James is here to talk about her obsession with country music!We talk about the evolution of the genre, what songs rise to the top, and Emily’s theory on Garth Brooks finding gender euphoria.Patreon:
  • 30: Bob Roberts with Ryan Marker

    This week on Podcast Like It's 1992, Bob Roberts joins us to talk about Bob Roberts!We talk about Tim Robbins as a creative force, and the scarily apt depiction of the US political system.Patreon:
  • 1989: Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child with Mike Natale & Tom Lorenzo

    This week, your favorite pop culture connoisseurs, Mike Natale and Tom Lorenzo (From Your Missing Out), join us for a deep dive into the horror franchise of YOUR choice, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.We discuss every corner of Elm Street media, from its main franchise to its MTV special, from Robert Englund to Jackie Earle Haley. We also share our rankings of the main series films, our thoughts on the reboots, and compare the series to the other major horror icons of its time.Find Mike and Tom at: Like It's 1999:
  • 29: Encino Man with Bart Nickerson & Carrie Gilogly