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  • 48. Why Black People Don't Do Yoga with Qyera Parks

    We are back with another episode of Podcasting Is the New Kink!, and we are back with another amazing Black women yogi! Last week's episode was all about breathwork and I think it's a great segue back into our yogis because this episode is all about breath movement aka yoga.Our western culture has made yoga seem like it's all about the poses! It's all about getting that burn and working out your body. But today we are getting a reminder of what yoga is really about: the breath. Today's yogi is a certified yoga instructor, children's author, and business owner, who has been in the wellness space for years. She fully understands pivoting in your business, because she has done it a number of times. And, she is actually a friend from high school, who hails from the great Paterson, NJ, just like me. Lol.Her name is Qyera Parks and she works with children, teaching them yoga, and about mental health and wellness. And, ya'll know how much I love it! Working with children is not for the faint of heart. They will test you and try you in every way possible. But it is really one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. And, reaching them at a young age, teaching them how to manage their emotions and regulate their reactions is so important! It's really giving them a better chance at life.In this episode we discuss the many phases of her business, going to India for her yoga teaching certification, being the only Black person in a yoga space, and much more!We talk:How Qyera's business started and the journey until now - 1:55Benefits of yoga - 12:59Being the only Black person in yoga spaces - 22:28Mindful Moments with Friends': Breathwork for Kids 5-8 - 34:22Advice for new yogis - 40:49We also get pretty deep, talking about why many Black people don't try yoga. As much as I would love to blame "them" and say that yoga has been gentrified (which it has), Qyera brings up a great point about "us" not showing up. And, she is so right. Part of the reason I wanted to interview yogis this season was to introduce yoga to many of you who aren't interested because you think it's not for you. Let me tell you, it is absolutely for you. And I dare you to try it!Check out Qyera's website and connect with her on IG @cintamovesAND get her book Mindful Moments with Friends': Breathwork for Kids 5-8 on AmazonEpisode References:Siddhant School of YogaThe Lay OutDr. Masaru Emoto's water study*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->

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  • 47. 5 Benefits of Breathwork for Black People with Darren Hagood

    This episode is not about yoga, and this episode's guest is not a Black woman, but bare with me and I promise it'll be worth your while! Today we are taking a break from yoga to talk about something that is similar because it also focuses on breath, but very different in the fact that it emphasizes only using the breath. We are diving into the world of breathwork with Darren Hagood of Heal Your Love Period (HYL.).Did you know there are four stages of breathing? I used to think there were just two: inhale and exhale. But, it actually goes inhale, hold, exhale, hold, and so on and so forth. I learned that and so much more from Darren.We talk:The difference between yoga and breathwork - 2:31What his customers get from his class - 13:14Breath as our first language - 27:09Advice for breathwork beginners - 37:22History of breathwork and Christian teachings - 41:12Why he started Heal Your Love Period - 1:00:47Darren goes in about the long history of connection between breathwork and Christian teachings. And ya'll know I was hella excited to hear all about it! When I grew up in my strict Christian home and church, it was all about the trinity; father, son, holy spirit. But did you know that the translation of the word "spirit" comes from the word "pneuma," an ancient Greek word for "breath"? If you're anything like me then your mind is blown! Trust me, mine was!Along with his wife Gloria, Darren created what they call the Black Love Healing Circle, and I can tell you from experience that it is just that. It includes breathwork, sound healing, and guided meditation, and it was an amazing experience that I would recommend for anyone, but especially people of color.Soo... what are five benefits of breathwork for Black people? Mind you, there are plenty more, but we'll focus on five.better sleeprelease of toxinslower blood pressureactivation of the prefrontal cortex, where our creativity isconnection to the divine breathListen to the episode for more info about each one.References:Michael B. BeckwithStanislav GrofLeonard OrrConnect with Darren on Instagram @healyourloveperiod and their website*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->
  • 46. Finding Connection, Community, and Comfort in Yoga with Black Rose Yogini

    One of my favorite things about yoga is how versatile it can be! Yoga can be a real workout where you push yourself to see what your body can do. It can be a meditation with slow movement and long holds. Or, it can be anything on that spectrum. It really just depends on what your body needs and what you want to get out of it. We talk about this in depth in this episode of Podcasting Is the New Kink!, with Black Rose Yogini! It was a pretty intimate conversation and we truly connected on a spiritual level. I share my intro to yoga story and tell Rose how she inspires me.Rose is a certified yoga teacher and the title Black Rose Yogini fits her so well! She is an amazing Black woman, her name is Rose, and yoga is her jam! Today we discuss our introductions to yoga, getting out of our comfort zones, how yoga can effect your healing journey, and much more!One thing Rose wishes everyone knew about yoga is that is it for you! You may think that it's for white people, or that you have to be thin and flexible, or that it won't work for you, or whatever. But the truth is this: yoga is for everyone and it can be super beneficial for your life! She encourages us to just give it a try because you will definitely see the difference almost immediately.We talk:Rose getting her certification in India - 5:16How yoga found her - 13:55Why Black women should practice yoga - 21:25One thing Rose wants everyone to know about yoga - 33:49The versatility of yoga - 42:09Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone - 52:07Connect with Rose on Instagram @black_rose_yogini*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->
  • 45. 7 Benefits of Yoga for Black People with Zikea McCurdie

    Hey, you! Yea, you! The woman that is interested in yoga but has no idea where to start. This episode is just for you! It's literally an intro to yoga teaching you the basics of yoga and its origins in the Hindu religion. There's also a lot of joking and laughter. :) Today I talk to my homegirl, Zikea McCurdie, yogi, health coach, and all-around wellness guru about the benefits of yoga, especially for Black people.7 benefits (7:42):Improved balanceBetter breathingBetter sleepReduced stressIncreased flexibilityStrengthened mind/body connectionImproved cardiovascular healthZikea dives into the 4 types of yoga (12:54):HathaVinyasaYinRestorativeShe teaches us about the chakras (18:32):Root - redSacral - orangeSolar plexus - yellowHeart - greenThroat - blueThird-eye - indigoCrown - purpleHands and feetAnd, she talks about yoga extending beyond the mat (25:29):Yoga SutrasDharmaKarmaZikea shares a bunch of great resources and advice to get you started on your journey. For example, she tells beginners to think about what works for you and start small. Don't commit to doing yoga everyday for 2-hours a day and then wonder why you can't keep up. Commit to one class. You can even commit to a free class on youtube or other social media. Start small and take it from there.We also talk about the most important thing: your breath! Do not forget to breathe!So I hope you are ready to take notes, because this episode is just the jolt you need!Check out Zikea on Instagram @doseofvitamin.zEpisode references:Kennedy High School, Paterson, NJHoward University!, Washington, DCEastside Park, Paterson, NJWarrior Goddess Fitness, Elmwood Park, NJThe Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, book by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.Khepera Wellness Yoga StudioAvatar: The Last Airbender, S2 E19 - The GuruAvatar: The Last Airbender (Live Action)Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsBhagavad Gita, book by Ved VyasJenna Warriner - Marketing Coach*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->
  • 44. How to Feel Empowered and Rested with Ebony Molock

    Welcome to season 7 of Podcasting Is the New Kink! This season is all about Black women yogis and it will be filled with many different yoga practitioners who have one thing in common: being committed to wellness and healing. To start it off, I interviewed Ebony Molock, Founder of Empowered Rest Yoga, and we talk about taking up space, yoga extending off the mat, expanding your knowledge, being empowered and rested, and much more!We talk:The difference between Shakti and empowered rest - 3:56Steps Ebony took to pivot her business - 19:08Benefits of yoga - 28:49One thing everyone needs to know about yoga - 40:04Advice for yoga beginners - 51:20One of the main themes that kept coming up in this interview was the notion of getting unstuck and making a change. Have you ever felt stuck? Like you were running on autopilot doing the same thing over and over, and couldn't make any changes? Like you could see the path you wanted, but you couldn't take the steps to get there? I've felt like that at multiple points in my life, but I felt it the most right before I got laid off. If you've heard my story then you know that I was miserable working full-time in a job I hated and having multiple side-hustles just to have a creative outlet. Instead of making a choice, I waited for something to change.That layoff was my wake-up call. I started my podcasting business shortly after that, and this podcast shortly after that. I was sort of, pushed out of my comfort zone. But, you don't have to wait for that push. You can choose to get unstuck and change to your life, and in this episode, Ebony talks about the steps she took when it was time for her to do just that:Found a new job that paid moreCut off multiple yoga classes/hustled lessTook more yoga classes/deepened educationDove in!Now, she never said it was easy. She actually said that it wasn't easy to follow this calling, especially at first. But, once she let go and trusted in God and put herself in the position to receive, she got a flood of support, letting her know that she made the right decision.Check out Ebony's website and Instagram @blackyogi_magicEpisode references:Sanskrit Moon YogaYoga & Mimosas - Every Sunday in May!*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->
  • Season 7 Trailer: Black Women Yogis

    Yoga, like many other practices from the East, has been hella appropriated! So much so, most people of color still see it as "white people ish," even though it has become much more diverse in the past few years. But the origins of yoga come from ancient India and it is all about the connection between your body, mind, and spirit.In this season of Podcasting Is the New Kink!, I interviewed Black women yogis and I learned so much! I consider myself an intermediate yogi, so I thought I knew much more than I actually did. But, ya'll know how much I value knowledge, so I had a ball soaking up all I could.I also interviewed a few men, and a few non-yoga practitioners who are in the wellness/healing space. Because that's what this is all about: healing! People of color, especially Black women in America need to heal, and I think yoga is a great way to start that process.Listen to new episodes of Podcasting Is the New Kink! on Wednesdays starting May 1st.Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): - License code: BHHLV9E8ZY8WUIQI
  • 43. 3 lessons I've learned so far this year and what I look forward to

    It's only March but 2024 has already been a wild year!Don't get me wrong, it started off kind of great. In the first few days of January, I got great news. There was interest in my podcasting program from The Boys and Girls Club, and I was accepted into The Blox, The Largest Competition TV Show On The Planet For Startups! These were great accomplishments that gave me hope for my future. I thought, "If 2024 is already starting off like this, what the hell does the rest of the year have in store?!" Well, January was far from over, and I was getting ready to find out.My birthday is in January and for the past few years I've had some kind of dope celebration with my loved ones. I had planned for this year to be the same, but you know what they say about making plans. For some reason, nothing was working out for me. The places I wanted to go either didn't have my date available, cost too much, or was further than I wanted to travel. So I gave in to the flow and played it safe: one dinner with some of my girls and a separate dinner with my partner. It seemed simple enough.The day before my birthday, my partner got a call, or should I say, the call. His grandmother's health was declining and it was time to say goodbye. So, I immediately canceled my birthday plans, and we made our way to her. She passed away on January 21st, my birthday, and I received the gift if grief. Three weeks later my partner the other call. This time it was about his grandfather. He passed away on February 7th. His mother's mother and his father's father.In this episode of Podcasting Is the New Kink! I talk about this experience. I share the highs and lows that we went through in this short time. And, I discuss the 3 lessons I learned:Celebrate yourselfStay groundedDon't wait until tomorrowI also talk about the future of Pink Lady Productions and Podcasting Is the New Kink!, and what you can expect this year.Click here to support!*This episode was produced by Pink Lady Productions -->