cover art for Cogmeisters, Big Muffs, and Spring Reverbs!

Guitar Nerds

Cogmeisters, Big Muffs, and Spring Reverbs!

Season 3, Ep. 32

Welcome back to another episode of Guitar Nerds. This week, Matt and I talk all about his new Dinosaural Cog Meister, my hunt of a traditional sounding reverb, and the hidden gem that is the Ashdown Peacemaker Mini!

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  • 21. Out Of The Ordinary Effects Pedals

    Hello dear listener, This week, Matt and I are taking a look at those effects pedals that slightly defy categorisation. The weird delay, the pitch shifting modulator, the lo-fi tape whats-it, the fuzzy synth combobulator - we'll be playing a few sound samples and discussing which ones we think you should add to your collection!
  • Guitar Nerds Special | Gone Fishing Effects

    Hello dear nerds,This week I've got a little special episode for you featuring the the wonderful Richard Pratt from Gone Fishing Effects!We'll be talking all about 'Chard's super busy and totally awesome day job as a guitar tech, and his wonderful side hustle building awesome effects for awesome artists!
  • 20. The BOSS Katana Gen3!

    Hello dear listener,This week, Matt Knight and I are deep diving and live demoing the new Gen3 BOSS Katana 50! We'll be talking about the origins of this wonderful amplifier, and Matt will be letting us know a few behind the curtain facts about its creation!
  • 19. Finally, Some Exciting New Guitar Gear!

    Hello dear listener,This week Matt is back! And we're discussing all the wonderful new releases from the last couple of weeks, including the Chase Bliss Outward, and the slew of new Beach Boys gear from JHS, Kelley and Benson.
  • 18. Our Favourite Effects At The Moment

    Hello dear listener,This week on Guitar Nerds, JD and I talk about a few old pedals that we've dusted off and plugged back in, only to discover that they're great!Although, to be honest, we get totally side tracked by my hunt for a modern guitar for guitar demo videos and talk about that for the bulk of the podcast!
  • 17. The Mulecaster

    Hello dear listener,This week, I'm joined by 40 Watt Podcast's Phillip Carter, and we're talking all about his awesome new Mulecaster! That's right, I know what you're thinking... another new guitar for Phillip! When will he stop!We also chat Partscaster builds, and Motander Guitars new Sci-Fi invention!
  • House 95 Guitars

    Hello dear listener,In the wake of the arrival of the new Tom Delonge signature Starcaster from Fender, I hooked up with Tom from House 95 Guitars (a guitar builder who exclusively builds copies of the instruments Blink 182 have played throughout the years) to discuss all things Starcaster, Tom Delonge, and custom shop!
  • 16. The Reverend Double Agent

    Hello dear listener,This week, Matt and I are taking a look at this gorgeous new Reverend Double Agent that we're going to be giving away to one lucky listener in the coming weeks.We're also revisiting the BOSS ME-90B, and Matt Knight's success participating in a Guitar Gear Giveaway!
  • 15. BOSS Bass Bangers!

    Hello dear listener,This week, Matt and I are discussing the small slew of new bass products released by none other than the wonderful BOSS!!!We'll be deep diving with a live demo of the ME-90B, which is ABSOLUTELY my gear of the year for 2024 so far!Don't forget to enter our competition to giveaway the listener designed Vintage Pro Shop Guitar!