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  • 8. #GiftGoals - A guide to not buying shoddy Christmas presents

    Holidays are coming people and we all know there’s two types of people in the world - the ones who do their Christmas shopping in July, then smugly sip mulled wine while fellow humans panic buy on Christmas Eve, and then there’s, well, the panickers. That’s right, this episode is all about #GiftGoals. Amy and Sophie discuss the best and worst gifts they have ever received (or given), they chat about doing secret Santa with work colleagues and why it’s the least fun ever and they also share some of the lovely ways we can all spread a little cheer through charity gifting to some very cool causes. As ever, they also laugh hysterically. Listen, laugh and join the fun by sharing your #GiftGoals with @podcastgoals on social media.

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  • 7. #90sMusicGoals – Spice Girls fever and music that shaped a generation

    In the month that the Spice Girls reunited [moment of appreciation] Amy and Sophie discuss the girl band that provided the soundtrack to their youth – the tunes, the ridiculous amount of merchandise, Spice World the movie, all that girl power – what a time to be alive! They also reminisce about the other 90s bands whose posters they were ripping out of Smash Hits and whose calendars they were praying were in their Christmas stocking. They also reveal the first ever cassette they bought from Woolworths (remember the fun?!). This episode will transport you back to the 90s in no time so make sure your dial up broadband connection is strong. Join in the chat by tagging @podcastgoals on social media. 
  • 6. #ScienceGoals ft. Florence Schechter - Saucy secrets from the past and why vaginas matter more than you think

    In this episode Amy and Sophie chat to comedian and scientist Florence Schechter. Florence comes loaded with all the science and history facts they never taught you in school - from the saucy and the sexy to the shocking and ridiculous - she has them all. Florence also chats about the world first vagina museum she’s in the process of creating after a trip to Iceland's famous penis museum got her thinking. She also discusses her new comedy show - Queer By Nature -which explores LGBT behaviour in animals (yep, it’s as fascinating as it sounds). This episode will shock you, educate you and have you sniggering throughout your commute!
  • 5. #GolfGoals – Fake News and the industries millennials are destroying

    There’s some ridiculous headlines out there about millennials - the dumbest generation, the fattest generation, the laziest generation, the avocado obsessed generation - give us a break eh? So, in this episode Amy and Sophie run through some of the scathing headlines out there that are giving millennials a bad rep including one particularly ridiculous article claiming their generation is ruining the Golf industry. They also discuss some of the things that millennial attitudes are making extinct including the voicemail, bars of soap and napkins (yes, napkins). Listen now and join the chat by tagging @podcastgoals on social media.
  • 4. #TVGoals - Killing Eve, The Circle and more: the top shows we're hibernating to this Autumn

    Autumn has arrived and the change in season is making Amy and Sophie want to hibernate in front of the telly and stay there for a long time – and let’s be honest, going out is over-rated. Whether you’re obsessively binging on investigative murder documentaries (seriously though, why we all so obsessed with the crime?) or you’re more content with reruns of Friends, then fear not because this episode has got all bases covered. The Bodyguard, Bake Off, Killing Eve, we’ve already been spoilt with some total gems this year! And what about The Circle - is this series everything that’s wrong with our generation or pure genius and the future of reality TV? Listen and join the conversation by tagging @podcastgoals on social media and letting us know what your #TVGoals are.
  • 3. #ComedyGoals ft. Ethan Lawrence - Comedy actor Ethan chats Bad Education and Comedy Central’s Modern Horror Stories

    In this week’s episode of Podcast Goals Amy and Sophie chat to comedy actor and star of Bad Education, Ethan Lawrence. Ethan discusses his latest project – Comedy Central’s online series Modern Horror Stories - a sketch show parodying the utterly ridiculous problems of today’s world including stalking prospective Tinder dates online, being chased around the internet by targeted ads and the joys of cancelled plans. Ethan also reflects on his time on BBC Three’s Bad Education alongside Jack Whitehall, and shares his top tips for budding actors. Warning: this episode features a lot of hilarity.
  • 2. #FitnessGoals ft. BitBeefy – Nike running coach and TrackMafia founder Cory shares his top fitness tips

    In this week’s episode of Podcast Goals Amy and Sophie meet the Founder of TrackMafia, lead coach of Nike+ Run Club and all round legend Cory (AKA Bit Beefy) to discuss all things #FitnessGoals. After watching a friend run the London Marathon a few years ago, Cory felt inspired and told friends that he would run it the following year. They laughed at him -he was overweight and unfit – surely he would never do it? Cory discusses that journey, gives his top tips to help you find the motivation you need to get fit, reveals a common fitness tactic that can actually be bad for us, and Amy and Sophie question how they can be part of the #FitFam. You’ll feel like you’re getting the glow just listening to this episode. Enjoy!