Catching Up Podcast


97 Dicas Halloween

Season 6, Ep. 13

[0:00:00] Intro

The Stuff

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

[0:08:52] Athena [Netflix]

[0:12:23] The US and the Holocaust [PBS]

[0:16:22] Three Thousand Years of Longing

[0:23:09] This is How You Lose the Time War [Livro]

[0:26:31] Hasan Minhaj - The King’s Jester [Netflix]

[0:30:54] Mr Bueno Dubbed Side Convida podcast

[0:33:05] Andor [Disney+]

*Nightcrawler é do irmão do Tony, Dan Gilroy

[0:37:27] Original Trilogy

[0:42:06] She-Hulk [Disney+]

[0:43:17] LotR: Rings of Power [Prime Video]

[0:44:27] Quantum Leap

[0:49:09] Bodies Bodies Bodies

[0:55:34] Orphan: First Kill

[1:02:19] Speak No Evil


[1:09:49] Werewolf by Night [Disney+]

[1:16:09] Hush [Netflix]

[1:20:40] The Midnight Club [Netflix]

[1:26:36] A Nightmare on Elm Street

[1:34:00] Halloween Ends

[1:39:09] Hour of the Wolf

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