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  • 1. Podcast Mosh Is Back!

    Podcast Mosh is back!We talk all kinds of nonsense, so much so that I have no idea what to name this bad larry. Ad-free, early, and extended episode and BTS content can be found on the Patreon!Patreon BTS ContentOfficial Merch StoreOfficial WebsiteGet on the DiscordWe talked about a few pals having new albums, check them out!Hidden Intent - One of Australia’s prime thrash metal acts Ruin - Wisconsin's leaders in modern Thrash MetalMusic | Toxic Ruin ( - Premium Swedish thrash metal Pit - Old-School Thrash Metal from Germany is in a few bands, he doesn't talk about it. Fuck him, check them out.PWRUP - Punk/Hardcore/SkaPWRUP | FacebookVirus of Ideals - Melodic death/symphonic metal band with story-driven lyrics and a male/female vocalsVirus of Ideals | FacebookFinally, if you are Breadperson from YouTube of 'Get your teeth back' fame, call us. We've got some merch for ya.Look out for an upcoming post on Patreon about the chronicles of Pizza Pete!

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  • 27. #27 - Live Lichmas Spectacular 2016

    We only managed to do three podcasts this year, so this should make up for the rest of them. Or it's probably terrible. Only one way to find out! Watch the live-streamed video version on our Facebook page!Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website
  • 26. #26 - You Can Blow That Without Feeling Too Weird

    We're about to leave for tour, so you don't get a description yet. Deal with it.Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website
  • 25. #25 - Hold On To Your Hair Clips

    Could it be?! Yes, it's the triumphant return of Podcast Mosh. Tom, Joe, and Brian talk the band's recent tour dates with Anvil, superhero movies, video games, more upcoming shows with Goblet in June, and debut a clip of a pre-production demo from the new album!Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website
  • 24. #24 - Live Lichmas Less-Than-Spectacular

    If you can make it through this two-and-a-half hour shitshow, you're probably as drunk as we were. Whoops. This was originally streamed live around Lichmas, then we put it on the back burner and tried to forget about it. Good luck.Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website
  • 23. #23 - Mustard Men

    Mike, Joe, and Brian recap the band's two recent trips to the NYC/NJ area, the upcoming European tour, the new Unreal Tournament game, and the pre-iPod days of portable music listening.Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website
  • 22. #22 - Top Balls

    Nick, Joe, and Tom basically talk about butts for an hour, while occasionally getting into other topics such as scaring Mike, pageants for testicles, True Detective season 2, the disc of intelligence, and our guest vocalist for the European tour - but really, this podcast is mostly about butts.Get Podcast Mosh ad-free!Official Merch StoreOfficial Website