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Sonos, Xero MD, and the new Philips TVs previewed - Pocket-lint podcast ep. 37

Season 2, Ep. 37

Sonos has announced that it is stopping support for some of its "legacy" products so, while they continue to work, they won't be getting future feature updates. 

Associate editor Dan joins Stuart to discuss what it means for Sonos speaker users and other connected hardware in the future. 

Meanwhile, late last year Stuart hosted a couple of fireside chats with several guest speakers at Xerocon. He used his backstage pass access to catch up with the co-founder and managing director of Xero, Gary Turner.

As Xero is the accounting software package that many small businesses around the world use, Turner explains how the company is embracing technology like AI in order to make chasing late payments easier. 

Finally, fresh back from Amsterdam, senior editor of news and features, Rik, gives us his first impressions of the Philips OLED 855 and 805 TVs, with their AI-driven picture processing and Ambilight technology.

Running order:

00:59 - Dan talks Sonos 

9:10 - Gary Turner MD of Xero UK and EMEA interview

22:40 - Rik previews the Philips 855 OLED TV

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Hosted by Stuart Miles

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Guests: Dan Grabham, Rik Henderson, and Gary Turner

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