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Ring privacy issues, Sportable, and we ride in a Nissan autonomous car - Pocket-lint podcast ep 39

Season 2, Ep. 39

This week, we look at the autonomous concept car from Nissan that drove 230-miles across England, all without anyone at the wheel. It was a ground-breaking journey too, considering it traversed and navigated on and around numerous different road conditions and scenarios – including roundabouts, motorways and curb-less lanes. Pocket-lint's Stuart Miles talks about the AI vehicle and what it was like to take a driverless ride in it.

We also chat with high-performance, real-time 3D sports tracking and data company Sportable. Its CEO, Dugald Macdonald and CTO Peter Husemeyer join us to discuss how its technology helps improve rugby and other sports, for players, coaches and fans alike.

And, Ring has been in the press a lot of late, with a number of high-profile reports on privacy issues and even camera hacks. So, Pocket-lint editor Chris Hall explains the problems it has most recently faced and the measures it is taking to tackle them.

01:02 - Chris talks Ring 

09:34 - Sportable interview

21:18 - Stuart explains what it's like to ride in an autonomous car

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Hosted by Rik Henderson

Production and editing by Rik Henderson

Guests: Chris Hall, Dugald Macdonald, Peter Husemeyer, Stuart Miles

Music by Lee Rosevere - Let's Start at the Beginning and Southside

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