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Nothing phone (1), Alex Albon interviewed, and M2 MacBook Air - Pocket-lint podcast ep. 162

Season 4, Ep. 162

Nothing finally unveiled its first phone this week, after months of teases and leaks. Pocket-lint's editor joins host, Rik Henderson, to talk all about the Nothing phone (1) and its familiar launch strategy.

Rik also chats with Williams F1 driver Alex Albon about the future of the motorsport and how tech plays a big role in his training.. 

And finally, deputy editor Britta O'Boyle reviews the M2 MacBook Air and reveals Apple's various upgrades on the previous M1 model.

00:55 - Chris talks Nothing phone (1) 

09:43 - Interview with Alex Albon, F1 driver at Williams Racing

24:38 - Britta gives us the lowdown on the M2 MacBook Air

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Hosted by Rik Henderson

Production and editing by Rik Henderson

Guests: Chris Hall, Britta O'Boyle, and Alex Albon

Music by Lee Rosevere - Let's Start at the Beginning and Southside

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