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iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 Pro reviewed, and Dell talks sustainability - Pocket-lint podcast ep 49

Season 2, Ep. 49

This week, Pocket-lint's associate editor Dan joins host Stuart to discuss the new Apple iPhone SE smartphone. Will it turn heads?

Stuart also catches up with Dell's head of international sustainability, Louise Koch, to talk about how the company approaches eco-friendliness with its products. They also talk about Dell's plans for the future, and how it is already changing the way the company builds and designs its computers. 

Finally, fresh from the launch of the OnePlus 8, Pocket-lint's Cam talks about the new smartphone range and his experiences when using the 8 and 8 Pro.

We also wanted to tell you about our plant a tree initiative we've launched.  

Pocket-lint has teamed up with Resideo - the new home of Honeywell Home - to plant trees in your name for free. We've already planted 1,000 trees, but we want to plant 3,000 more with your help and on your behalf.

If we can reach our target of 3,000 trees, it will mean we're offsetting around 900 carbon tonnes. That's the equivalent of over 1,000 return flights from Los Angeles to London, or the average CO2 a family of four uses over 150 years!

To help us help the environment, all you have to do is tell us the Mac address of a Honeywell smart thermostat that is active in your home or office. The thermostat can be already installed and being used or completely new - but it must be active and you must tell us before the end of April (30 April 2020).

You can find out more details here.

00:55 - Dan and Stuart talk Apple iPhone SE

08:50 - Louise Koch interview

21:04 - Cam reviews the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone 

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Hosted by Stuart Miles

Production and editing by Stuart Miles

Guests: Dan Grabham, Cam Bunton, and Louise Koch

Music by Lee Rosevere - Let's Start at the Beginning and Southside

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