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5G, top 3 robot vacuums and tennis tech for Wimbledon - Pocket-lint Podcast 9

Season 1, Ep. 9

It's game on for 5G! EE is no longer the only kid on the block in the UK, with Vodafone launching its 5G service this week and Three detailing its roadmap for the next few months. 

Fellow Pocket-linter Rik joins me fresh from the Three launch to explain what's happening in the British 5G scene and what we can expect next. 

I also talk to the developer behind a clever Apple Watch app that allow you to track your tennis shots on court - handy if you're getting excited about Wimbledon at the moment.… 

And, our contributing editor Adrian tells us his top three robot vacuum cleaners. If you want clean carpets without having to really do anything, this trio should be high on your wishlist. 

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Hosted by Stuart Miles

Production and editing by Stuart Miles

Guests: Rik Henderson, Adrian Willings and Swupnil Sahai

Music by Lee Rosevere - Let's Start at the Beginning and Southside

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