cover art for Plumbing the Death Star is now on YouTube

Plumbing the Death Star

Plumbing the Death Star is now on YouTube

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  • 548. Why'd They Put Krang There? Is That Even a Good Spot for Him? with James aka Mr Sunday Movies

    After last week Daddy had to go lay down, but never fear, our good friend James aka Mr Sunday Movies is here to fill in that Zammit-shaped hole to talk all things Krang! Well really one thing Krang: why’d they put him there? He’s so exposed to one swift punch to the bread-basket! Krang can’t look anyone in the eyes and is the perfect height for crop dusting. Surely there’s a better place to put Krang in a robot body? Either way we can all agree that Krang looks so fun to punt, throw off a cliff or cook like a haggis. We don’t know much but we do know we want to wreck Krang’s day.You can find James on the Weekly Planet Podcast or on his YouTube channel Mr Sunday Movies.If you’re in the UK and want to see these three beautiful boys live and in the flesh, head on over to and grab your tickets today to see them in London, Edinburgh and/or Manchester. Birmingham show TBA!
  • 547. What Would Your Ideal Fallout Vault Be? with Adam Carnevale

    We’re joined by special guest and Vault-Tec employee Adam Carnevale to ask What Would Your Ideal Fallout Vault Be? In true Vault-Tec fashion, Adam comes up with some incredible vault ideas from some kind of nightmare man to a vault where everyone thinks they’re birds maybe? He even puts forward hover-cabins connected by pneumatic tubes involving snipers for some reason. But none of that matters as Zammit and Jackson are here to help his brilliant ideas come to fruition! Do you want to trick your vault dwellers into thinking they’re slightly bigger? Sure! What about a VR realm? Or an M. Night Shyamaln wonderland? We don’t know what possessed you Adam, but yes. We’ll help you build it! Because we’re good friends.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • 546. Was Captain America a Good Use for All of That Super Soldier Serum?

    Sure, filling up that dweeb with hunk juice worked out well for everyone, but surely there were some other ideas to use all that super soldier serum? Did Stanley Tucci ever have a think “what if horse?”. The kicks alone would have powered a million propagandas! The problem there we guess is we don’t know the ideology of the horse. Plus giving it to say, war dogs who have already seen battle and suffering from incredible amounts of PTSD seems a sure fire way of making smart dogs whomst hate America. If we gave it to everyone we face the problem of maybe not everyone in America is pro-America. The only feasible solution was to make a juice that makes you weak and dumb and let that get stolen. The only problem there is three podcasters will inevitably make that juice part of their daily requirements.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • London Podcast Festival 2024 with The Weekly Planet but without Joel Zammit or Nick Mason Announcement

    Da boys (without Joel Zammit) are back! That's right, (two thirds of) Plumbing the Death Star are heading back to the UK and this time they're bringing their good friends over at The Weekly Planet (without Nick Mason)! James (and not Mason) will be joining Joel (no other Joel) and Jackson this September 13th at the London Podcast Fest. Tickets are on sale now and you can grab them right here: that's not all! On the Saturday Plumbing the Death Star (only Duscher and Jackson, no Zammit) will also be joining The Weekly Planet (only James, no Mason) for The Weekly Planet's first ever UK show! That's all sold out now, but have no fear we'll be announcing several more shows in the upcoming weeks xx o
  • 545. How Would You Get to Peter Parker Through the Ones He Loves?

    Peter Parker aka Spider-Man loves to keep his identity secret as he’s worried all the powerful people he’s annoyed in his life of fighting crime will use his loved ones to get to him. And rightfully so! When Wilson Fisk finds out who he is he sends a sniper out to take out Aunt May. Or maybe she just gets caught in the crossfire? Maybe it was Crossbones? It’s been a long time. Either way, if his villains find out his Spider-Man it’s a slippery slope that ends up with his wife selling their marriage to a satan maybe. But we don’t want to go that far! We’re just a humble bug themed super villain team consisting of two Beetles and a Worm trying to work out the best way to get to Peter Parker through his loved ones. From going in too deep, to nephew cucking, to plain and simple gaslighting. We’ve got a lot of plans of how to get Spider-Man but not many ideas of why. It’s tough being a villain cursed with the knowledge of who Spider-Man is, probably best to make a deal with a satan and forget the whole thing.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • 544. How Would You Market Westworld to Investors?

    We’ve come a long, long way to get to this point. We have realistic robots, a rootin’ tootin’ theme park diorama and the biggest of dreams. Now we just need the money to make it happen! So help us put on our cleanest black or white hat, saddle up our most comfortable horse because we have to pitch Westworld to investors. But when you really look at it, there’s not many gaps in the market for an anything goes wild west themed larp experience that’s extraordinarily expensive. To be honest, if you can’t make love to the robots I don’t think anyone would go. Which really makes you wonder why we even dress up our robot love making with this western aesthetic theme park and promise of immersive gaming? Surely we just cut to the chase and pitch a morally and ethically hostel to an extraordinarily wealthy person with extraordinarily dark proclivities to help them achieve their fantasy? It truly is a terrible idea for a theme park.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • 543. What Would Happen to You in the Mad Max Wasteland?

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, but we’re just lowly and loathed podcasters so what’s a boy to do to make themselves invaluable? Having no discernible talents but wanting to be witnessed, the boys set themselves the herculean task of surviving the Mad Max Wasteland. Jackson wants to be the only man alive that remembers Joey, huffing DVD cleaner to become the Situation Man. Zammit as Softhands the Shaftless remembers a career choice that is leaps and bounds more valuable than a podcaster but requires a copious amount of Mother’s Milk and a pre-emptive eunuching. And finally Joel Duscher aka Mr Speaks reckons his time dealing with absolute morons on a day to day basis (his two co-hosts) put him in the perfect position to bridge the language barrier between the warlords and the warboys. Oh what a day, what a lovely day to thread that needle of being invaluable enough to survive the wastelands, but not too invaluable that you become a target by other warlords. Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • 542. How Would You Market the Pants from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

    Over the weekend Jackson watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants while eating paella, got excited for what he kept calling ‘magic pants’ and came bounding into the studio wanting to record an episode about ‘pants that fit anyone’ that ‘guarantee you have a pivotal moment in your life and ’possess the power of womanhood’. Thinking hahaha this should be fun, we hit record and now we’re left with this. Enjoy 40 odd minutes of two Joels disappointed in one Jackson as he takes us all on a journey about evil pants that he loves.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+
  • 541. How Would You Get Rich in the Flintstones Era with Flintstone Era Technology? with Our Good Friend Adam

    Yabba dabba doo Joel Duscher is a sick little boy but never fear, resident best boy Adam Carnevale was in the studio to help us have a bit of think about how we would make it rich in the Flintstones era. Jackson wants to have an infinite budget and an army of competent engineers to revolutionise the way the people of Bedrock communicate, Adam wants to wage war and Zammit keeps pivoting. Great philosophical questions are asked like What happens when your toaster goes rogue? and How do you convince Cain to take out Abel? Is having a shower that is part of the family good? So listen and or watch as the three dumbest boys you know try to make it big in this modern stone age society.Links to everything in our including our terrible merch, social media garbage and where to become a subscriber to Bad Brain Boys+