Ploughing Through Brexit


Farming after Brexit: what does the UK-EU trade deal mean for domestic agriculture?

Season 2, Ep. 2

Only a month ago we looked at what UK farming would look like after Brexit, and now we have officially left the EU. So, what does farming look like on the other side? 

Just one week before the final deadline for the end of negotiations, a historic trade deal was agreed between the UK and the EU leaving many farmers breathing a sigh of relief.

The deal keeps tariffs and quotas at zero, which is great news, but the devil might be in the detail. There has already been some disruption at the border as businesses try to work their way around the new requirements for importing and exporting resulting in many farmers facing sector-specific problems. 

This month on Ploughing Through Brexit we’re delving into the all-important UK-EU trade deal. We’re joined by David Swales, Head of Strategic Insight at AHDB, Tania Gesto-Casas, from the AHDB Brussels office and Gail Soutar, Chief EU Exit and International Trade Adviser at NFU.



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